Noted: Ep. 89 – American Tobacco Ft. Fear, ChemicalBurnVictim, & Jerry

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FR Woody Tobacco Taste like they are built on an NET or tobacco absolute. Grassy base to it, some wood note  05 
PUR Tobacco Bourbon Sweet, bourbon, not a lot of tobacco but good as a bourbon. No boozey note, but a really good sweet bourbon taste.  23 
PUR Tobacco Original Tastes like RY4 but not very good  24 
PUR Sweet Tobacco Not very good, tastes more boozy than the bourbon one but its not a “good” kind of boozeySo another no go in this one.   
CAP Tobaccos (the line) Not really worth it  28-32 
FLV Sweet Cigarette Like using a sweetener within a tobacco. Like an unlit cigarette with a vanilla filter  36 
DL Albertta  Very woody, with a slight maple note. Slightly dry and smooth   
LB Tobacco’s Not worth trying  38- 
Nude Nicotine Tobacco’s Really good, very authentic, nutty, earthy,  51 
NicVapes Tobacco’s Bad, not worth your money  54 
FLV Sweet & Smokey Very good   
FLV Tobacco’s (line) Is great and all can be used so take your pick slight note they will gunk your coils quicker than most flavors   
Stixx Mix (line) All very good tobaccos, none are bad. These are NET’s so they will gunk your coils faster than anything else you vape with.   
DL Trenton Sweet, dry, light on flavor, slightly woody not much tobacco   
DL SX  Smooth and mild, lightly tobacco. Leaves you wanting more   
DL Beachwood mellow   
DL Burley Is great, but not as good as flv red burley   
DL Cigarette Sweet with a maple note   
DL Cuban Cigar Drier than a lot of their tobaccos, more of a cigar but not as flavorful as the real thing would come across   



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