Noted: Ep. 88 – Pomegranate ft. Mr. Burgundy

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Flavor Name Notes Time 
FA Pomegranate Bright, and top heavy. Very fruit forward, with a syrupy sweetness to it. Very well rounded. Slight sharpness and tartness to it. <2 03 
TFA Pomegranate Sharp soapy floral edge to it, works well as a backup to some cherries. <1 10 
TFA Pomegranate Deluxe Mellow, and wet. doesn’t taste like a real pomegranate, almost like a bad grenadine  12 
WF Grenadine Really good for about 2 hours. Then fades almost instantly  14 
CAP Grenadine “Capella Nightmare Cherry” like the plastic medicinal off notes from a cherry and none of the cherry taste  17 
CAP Pomegranate v2 Mediocre pomegranate flavor 3 19 
CAP Blueberry w/ Pomegranate Cardboard like blueberry and stevia with an ok pomegranate flavor 3 19 
FW Pomegranate Red tangy fruit flavor that steeps into something different and not good as they go. Very thin  22 
FW Pomberry Not good. Tastes like a fruit medley of strawberry, grape, and cranberry and it has sugar in it so not worth it as a whole  23 
LA Pomegranate Has a red dye to it. Tastes like a pomegranate jolly rancher, not natural. 3-5 25 
LA Pomegranate (natural) Very purple, like a really dark berry purple. Not a raspberry but closer to a boysenberry. Its sweet but missing the tart aspect 4 26 
RF SC Pomegranate A little pomegranate flavor, super thin and dry. Tastes like vg on the exhale 2.5-3 29 
RF SC Blueberry Acai Pomegranate Slightly floral, a blue fruit with a tangy finish 2.5-3 33 
Natures Flavors Organic Pomegranate Tastes like black cherry, a little tart, very dark, similar to unsweetened pomegranate juice  41 
Natures Flavors Organic Grenadine Tastes like black cherry soda syrup flavor. Could run soapy at higher %s 3 42 
NicVapes Pomegranate Very woodsy and dark, some tartness and also some bitterness to it. Sweet dark berry body, gave off the impression of a wild raspberry but darker 4 46 
NicVapes Pomegranate Real Tastes artificial, plastic cherry medicine flavor. Slight woody flavor as well 4 49 
Health Cabin Pomegranate NOPE 1 50 
Bickford Pomegranate Very sweet and naturally sugar, but also bland and flat, and dull and cardboard soaked with watered down pomegranate juice and sprayed with sugar. No tartness  54 
Fairy’s Finest Pomegranate Tastes like fa pomegranate with ½ the potency and less vibrant. So you should just use FA Pomegranate 3 57 



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