Noted: Ep. 97 – COFFEE

Flavor Notes:

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
SA Cappuccino  Milky, creamy skunk spray    6 
JF Coffee  Like drinking watered down coffee in a nail salon    8 
JF Cappuccino  Good, like a cheap gas station cappuccino. A little bit dark, slight chocolate note, more authentic as a mocha. Pretty sweet as well  3  11 
VT Caramel Mocha  In your face burnt plastic    12 
NicVape Coffee  Tastes like dirt from under a log. Decomposing wood taste to it    13 
HiLiq Coffee  No go, doesn’t have the skunk or popcorn flavor, it tastes like flower garden dirt    14 
OOO Coffee (black)  Tastes very ashy and burnt    17 
WF Crispy Coffee  Slight burnt popcorn note, and skunk spray notes. Great texture, nice chocolate, creamy and sweet    20 
FW Cappuccino  Burnt toast milk farts    21 
INW Mocha  Pretty good, a little thin, nice hot coco vibe, the coffee is there and dark but not bitter and subtle.   1-2  26 
INW Irish Coffee  Tastes like butter infused with an alcohol flavor that is nothing like whiskey.    27 
FLV Mocha  Tastes like it has burnt peanuts in it    29 
RF SC Coffee  Tastes like refried black beans with some stale coffee inside it. Also is dry and thin and top heavy like usual    32 
FLV Coffee  Tastes more like mocha than coffee. Very dark roast mocha. Off note is coconut if pushed past .75  <.75  36 
VT Iced Coffee  Not iced coffee, like coffee with koolada added to it, so not very good    37 
MB Fresh Coffee  whisp of slightly bitter, dirty flavor at 4%, at 8% very weak coffee flavor    39 
MB Dark French Coffee  Not as weak, but still pretty light flavor at 4%. Tastes like cold bitter stale coffee  6-7  39 
INW Cappuccino  Very dry, powdery dry. Tastes like a cappuccino    42 
PUR Cappuccino  Like 80% steamed milk, and 20% coffee flavor, really sweet and thick and creamy, good full flavor, would need something to bring the expresso flavor out  3  43 
LB Cappuccino  Very mocha, chocolate is slightly tootsie roll in texture, not coffee forward enough to be a full mocha. Is thick and creamy    45 
FA Up  Coffee cream and cereal. Good coffee flavor, like a light roast coffee but it feels like coffee poured over cereal  .5  47 
WF Smooth Cappuccino Cream  Really nice. Just a good all around cappuccino cream. Very sweet. Sucralose heavy. Creamy and nice caramel note    49 
WF Brazilian Coffee  One of the best straight up coffee flavors. The body to it is a little stiff but its still an excellent coffee flavor. Full bodied    51 
FW Café Coffee  Like coffee candy with a bit of caramel. Even the mouthfeel is very candy-like. It will gunk your coils for sure    52 
VT Arabica Coffee  Like coffee with grounds still in it. Tastes slightly dirty or like campfire coffee.    53 
OOO Keoke Coffee  Lacks the real boozy bite that you want in a booze flavor. The brandy flavor gets buried when vaped. Other than that, its good. Clean coffee top note, rich whipped cream finish. Nice clean chocolate in the middle    55 
FLV Irish Cream  Like you dumped both irish cream and chocolate milk and some coffee and topped it off with marshmallows. Slight boozy note but difficult to pick out  .75  58 
VT Café Latte  Tasty, very weak on the coffee side, but it is dark n gritty. Tons of sweetened milk flavor on top. Thick cream    60 
PUR Caramel Coffee and Sweet Milk  Very good, starbucks like coffee, you get the caramel, mellow sweet milk. Followed by a weak coffee note that’s more of a hint or something implied. Mostly just a sweet cream    62 
SA Café Vanille Cacao ??  Very dark, slight bitter edge, not much cream. Medium vanilla, and the coco note is like a hot chocolate type note    64 
DL Mocha  Pretty good, seems a bit weak, very light coffee flavor, subtle coffee flavor with a hot chocolate packet added maybe a little light on the coffee as well. Fairly thick and creamy  5  68 
DL Tiramisu  Slightly skunky. More like Tiramisu than a coffee, some bakery, a little sweet, some rum note, very light though missing the middle of the vape with an airy vg on the bottom as well.  5  70 
DIYFS Café Coffee  Plain coffee, fresh and clean. Slight dryness and weak  6  71 
DIYFS Crème De Café  Slightly top heavy coffee, filled in with a rich non vanilla sweet dairy cream. No off notes. Slightly weak  6  73 
DIYFS Café Napoleon  Coffee with cream loaded with caramel, really tasty    74 
VT Coffee Milk Froth  Like a chocolaty coffee-esque flavor, and a super tasty milk/creamer taste with it. Can get really buttery with overuse and also from steeping  <1  77 
VT Coffee Liquor  Full flavored boozy coffee liquor, thick texture. Some chocolate notes that are not out of place.   5-8  79 




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  1. I’m always trying to work out the order these are done in. Sometimes I can tell the best are saved for last (either intentionally, or not!) and sometimes it’s a bit of a mix. What I would like to know is how that VT Coffee Milk Froth stacks up against WF’s Smooth Cappuccino Cream!

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