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Vaped Out…

In the video above, I talk a bit more about Vapor’s Tongue, and how it affects you, how to prevent it, but also how it fades away the longer you mix. If you want to learn more about Vapors Tongue, check out this article “If You Love Mixing, Stop Vaping” and this video where I talk more about it.

The next part of the video, I talk about Capella’s Strawberries and Cream. With it being one of the best selling flavorings in the commercial e-liquid space, I wanted to spend more time with it, and show mixers it’s not a terrible ingredient. Below is the recipe I mixed

CAPStrawberries & Cream6%
CAPSweet Strawberry2.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

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  1. Tomato juice will quickly eliminate VT just as it does odors. If you want more of an adult drink, mix with cheap, 3% light beer (poor mans Bloody Mary), lemon juice and a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Works for me.

    Yup, everyone’s mixing CAP Strawberries and Cream into their recipes, including myself (and I love it). By the way, CAP Harvest Berry is not only a great vape, it works just as well in blueberry muffins. Wife makes them with real blueberries several times a week and I tweaked the recipe with a few drops of Harvest Berry. (Had to order more as she loves the improvement.)

    Would enjoy your take on NET flavors so I offer it as a suggestion for upcoming videos. Getting ready to plant several varieties of tobacco on our property here in WV for purposes of extraction. Although I quit smoking years ago and enjoy fruit-flavored vapes, I still miss the smell and taste of tobacco. A good tobacco vape, as you mentioned, is also a cure for VT.

    Lastly, allow me to suggest for one of your future videos, addressing mixing methods and equipment. I have a milk frother with optional heating (coffee snob), but have yet to try on any of my mixes. Still debating on buying a magnetic or vortex stirrer. Would enjoy getting your take on the subject, especially since it does impact steep times.

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