Noted: Ep. 85 – Chocolate Cookies ft. Folkart

Flavor Notes

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
VT Cookies n Cream  Its like sugar cookies in cream, doesn’t have the cookie texture, but its rich and sweet with a baked flavor just not a baked texture. With a mouth coating cream. Zero chocolate  2-4  4 
FLV Cream and Cookies  Minimal chocolate, a hint of oreo-esque chocolate. The cream is less like ice cream and more like oreo filling. Really sweet    8 
FW Cream n Cookies  Minimal chocolate, more like oreo ice cream than an oreo cookie. Very sweet, but also fluffy and light.   4-6  10 
WF Chocolate Cookie Crust  Great cookie texture, not exploding with chocolate, but has enough to pull off an oreo cookie. A slight burnt taste to it and a hint of peanut flavor attached as well  4  15 
RF SC Cookies n Cream  Above and beyond all the other flavors. It might lack some depth in a single flavor vape, but other than that its spot on.  2-3  19 
RF SC Deep Fried Cookies n Cream  Has a distinct rich oily fried note with just a bit of dough along with the great cookies n cream flavor of the original  2-3  23 
OOO O’s Cookie  Comes close to rivaling real flavors, lacks the cookie crunch, very chocolate cookie forward with a slight cream taste. No off notes to it    28 
OOO Chocolate Chip Cookie  Soft cookie, light chocolate, the chips seem to be there, not super accurate but its very good  3  31 
RF Chocolate Cookie (vg)  Nice buttery cookie, like chocolate chip cookie dough. Slightly burnt edges on the cookies.  7  33 
DIYFS Chocolate Cookie Rounds  Not super potent, fairly accurate as a fudge round. The chocolate cream is pretty spot on, must be used higher to really make it work.  5-8  36 
RF Semoa (vg)  Slight whipped caramel note and nothing else to it even at 10%    41 
TFA Slim Mint  Sweet brown bread, slathered in a waxy mint cream    44 





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