Noted: Ep. 84 – Yogurt ft. Fresh03

The Yogi

Flavor Notes

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
VT Yoghurt Drink  Leaves a filmy effect on your mouth. Great lemon in it. Heavy dairy cream, hint of yogurt in the back  2-6  4 
VT Yoghurt Base  Lemon flavor, citrus sweetness. Like watered down lemon yoplay. Its way to thin to have “base” in the name. slightly dry  4  8 
VT Grape Yoghurt  No yogurt in it, a warm medicinal top note fruit, light cream in the middle. Artificial grape and medicinal flavor at the end as well    9 
WF Frozen Yogurt  Nice sweet hybrid of ice cream and yogurt. Just tangy enough to be a frozen yogurt. Mild light vanilla, smooth, super creamy,   1-2  12 
FW Yogurt  Tastes like artificial yogurt, exaggerated sour milk “yogurtyness”. Very smooth    16 
CAP Creamy Yogurt  Dannon plain yogurt. Great introduction flavor to the yogurts. Slight tang, can go cheesy if taken to high. Slightly chalky by itself  3-4 (6max)  18 
OOO Yogurt  Authentic, full yogurt flavor. No chalkiness involved.    21 
CAP Greek Yogurt  Yogurt flavored chalk    22 
FLV Greek Yogurt  Not a true Greek yogurt, has a nice sour twang to it, nice sweetness, mild flavor    24 
TPA Greek Yogurt  More authentic Greek yogurt, mixed with the right cream (Bavarian usually) and you get a wonderful concoction. Needs some flavor to help “calm

it down” 

4-8  27 
LB Greek Yogurt  Sweet, Greek yogurt tang, weaker flavor helped by adding a cream to it. Slight chalky note    30 
FW Greek Yogurt  Not aggressive tartness, basically chalk, slightly tangy but mostly dairy chalk.    33 
FA Yogurt  Old version = amazing, *** New Version = funky awful flavor    35 
Yogurt Parfait RF SC  Weaker flavor. Decent granola flavor in it. Tastes like granola but doesn’t feel like granola, the yogurt needs help  6-10  42 



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