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This is a recipe that I basically stumbled across. I just had some Unicorn by Naked a few weeks ago. I remember thinking to myself “why do all these companies use CAP Strawberries and Cream in their Strawberry and Creams?”. Then I thought “actually, I never made a recipe with that flavoring”. So with Naked being the single most popular open-system e-liquid company on the globe, I figured it was a good idea to put out a clone for this recipe. And here we are. This is literally version 1, and I expect maybe one or two more revisions down the line. That said, I already think my remix is superior to Naked’s, mainly because mine is a bit less cloyingly sweet, and a bit more balanced. But I’m interested in what your thoughts are on this recipe. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave them down below.

CAPStrawberry & Cream6%
CAPSweet Strawberry2%
CAPVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%
CAPNew York Cheesecake2%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

Flavor Notes:

CAP Strawberry & Cream: This flavoring is the main profile in this recipe. You can taste it in so many of the “new” strawberries and creams. Think about old Cuttwood, and how delicious it was. The new version, well it’s not that good, and it’s mainly because they use this flavoring as the main profile. Which is why it tastes similar to Naked’s Unicorn. I think these companies might be using this flavoring too high, where it becomes too artificial and too punchy. In this recipe, 6% gives you that full, more robust strawberry flavor, as well as that odd cream note to follow.

CAP Sweet Strawberry: Next, I wanted to add a bit more sweetness to the strawberry. CAP Sweet Strawberry is the obvious choice. It lifts the strawberry from the Strawberry and cream (which oddly enough, I think is a different strawberry flavor), and helps add more juiciness to the profile. I’m not using much though. Mainly just to brighten things up a bit.

CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: This is the rest of the cream. I’m using CAP’s version here because it’s the lightest. If you taste the original’s, you’ll find that there’s not much of an emphasis on the cream parts. It’s there, it’s present, but it’s barely hanging out. So CAP’s VBIC is the choice to add that touch of “milk” on the end. Again, I’m keeping low to not disrupt the important CAP S&C flavor.

CAP New York Cheesecake: Finally, this is where I take some creative liberties. I personally like my Strawberry and Creams with a velvety exhale and mouthfeel. CAP New York Cheesecake is one of the best flavorings to offer this. I don’t think it’s in the original, because the original is much more sharp, where this version is balanced a bit more. So feel free to leave it out. But you’ll be missing out if you do. It just adds a touch of depth, that isn’t otherwise there.


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  1. Made a few clones of the unicorn and found that the original has a little something that gives it a tangy flavor :
    TPA pear candy 0.3 + TPA Orange Cream 0.3%
    Try it and enjoy!

  2. Found a “claimed” clone of Unicorn in a small shop in Ohio over a year ago, but can’t remember the name of the place I was passing through. Anyways, I loved it even though I didn’t find it any sort of strict clone (perhaps better) Have been trying to recreate. Took part of your recipe (lowered % of CAP S&B plus added CAP Sweet Strawberry) and then added what I’ve been previously working with:

    CAP S&B 8%
    CAP Sweet Strawberry 2%
    CAP Vanilla Custard 1.5%
    TFA Whipped Cream 1%
    CAP Super Sweet 0.3%
    50/50 PG/VG (3mg nic)

    Warm water bath over mag stirrer for 30 minutes and 24 hour steep before first taste. Darn close to that Ohio experience and highly enjoyable to me for several days. However, some strawberry flavor loss after 3 days so next mix will be 10 minutes on the stirrer “after” a short lukewarm water bath.

  3. To me its a bit more of a bakery never tried the original reminds me of a strawberry shortcake with extra cream. Maybe I might add some sugar cookie to give it bit more of a crust.
    Let it steep for 2 weeks before trying it.

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