Tea Time ft. Rin Vapes ? [ Noted: Ep. 83 ]

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Sweet Tea Needs to be bumped up to be tasted, but it is a good sweet tea. Its easily pushed around and its also weak in general. Has no flavors that compare to it either. Thin and watery, with a crispness that sells the iced tea notion. 10> 7 
FLV Lemon Tea Great balance between the lemon and the tea. It has a black tea note mixed with a very delicious lemon. Robust, and not very sweet 1-2 13 
DL Half Tea Half Lemonade Good lemonade, good tea flavor, works well and  tastes very much like an iced tea vs hot tea. It also has a good lemonade flavor that tastes natural 5 18 
CAP Sweet Tea **discontinued** quite a bit sweeter than other sweet teas on the market, has a syrupy thickness. The tea flavor is lacking and doesn’t come across as a tea flavor fully.  4 19 
FW Iced Tea Has no cooling, about a quarter sweet tea, a little dry, is lacking that beverage feel and comes across more hot tea than iced tea  24 
FA Black Tea Pretty dry, very strong and dirty flavor, almost akin to a mouthful of tea leaves. Slight throat hit 1 27 
TFA Black Tea Very dirty, and floral and fermented.   29 
FLV Black Tea Great deep tea flavor, floral edge on it which limits its possible uses, full bodied, slightly sweet.  30 
VT Black Tea Lysol. Very bitter and astringent 1-2 33 
OOO Milk Tea Nice balance, mostly tea, not to cream heavy. Not to dark and earthy, very good generic tea type taste 3-5 34 
LB Cherry Blossom Tea¬†Horror ‚Äď more cherry than blossom and extremely medicinal and floral. Skip this one¬†¬†37¬†
FLV Red Tea Not sure what you could use this with. Its full bodied, wet, both floral and nutty. Earthy with a spice note to it.  40 
FLV Green Tea Can be minty. Like an herbal mint. But is a good green tea vibe  45 
FE Green Tea Pretty floral, strong flavor. Mostly ok   49 
TFA Green Tea Lawn clippings with an earthy bitter taste  49 
FLV Eisai Green tea, sort of macha-esque, musky in a good way. Is dry and could be paired with bakeries or creams and is not floral or anything like that 1 51 
FA Green Tea Tastes burnt.  58 
VT Jasmine Green Tea Strong floral note, no weird off notes. However can only work if you are searching for a floral tea  60 
INW Green Spring Tea Light green tea with a hint of jasmine, its floral but not perfumey. It’s a nice soft jasmine  62 
FLV Tai Chi Has a rich creamy sweet vanilla base, has the right spice notes with cinnamon and cardamom. Also, the right amount of floral edge as you would expect from a Tai Tea <1 63 
VT Chi Masala Spice forward, mostly clove <1 70 
TFA Chi Tea Mostly the spice note, dry and not very good. Slight vanilla note. Mostly clove and orange and buried behind was cardamom and cinnamon 2 69 
CAP Chi Tea Not a very aggressive chi flavor, the vanilla, clove, and cinnamon are well balanced. smooth  73 
TFA Earl Grey Tea Heavy bergamot note and zero tea notes  79 
DL Green Tea Slight dryness to it. More like a macha tea, very good tea notes for a green tea. No off notes present 5 83 

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