VaporALERT: “The FDA Hearing that Wasn’t” This is OUT OF HAND

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In the latest episode of VaporAlert, the new series where I talk about the latest news, advocacy, legislation and drama coming out of the vaping industry, I talk about an article that was recently written by Michael McGrady of the, in which he covers what transpired in the recent FDA hearing about vapor products and youth initiation. Unfortunately, the hearing wanted nothing to do with actually hearing from the vapor companies, and instead, served as a forum for outrageous claims by Big-Tobacco and Big-Pharma funded groups. In fact, one claim by anti-vaping activist Ruth McCormack was so outrageous, it prompted me to make an entire video based on this article.

“But, the most troubling of claims from the hearing came from anti-smoking activist Ruth McCormack of Long Island. McCormack dared to claim that fourth graders are going through several JUUL pods a day and that the act of vaping, thus the consumption of nicotine, caused a teen to jump in front of a train and commit a suicidal act.”

To think that nicotine, a product which has been around since the inception of the United States, was the sole cause for a child to commit suicide, without any scientific backing or reason, is not only outrageous, but insanely irresponsible. And what’s more troubling is how anyone could take McCormack seriously after making such a claim. It shows the depths of how far the anti’s will go to further their agendas, and push money into their donor’s pockets. We live in scary times.

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