Noted: Ep. 82 – SAVORY ft. Alfred Pudding ?

Flavor Notes

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
OOO Fried Chicken  Burnt rubber dumpster fire, some chicken, but like raw chicken fat, filled with horrible nastiness    3 
OOO Bacon  20% bacon flavor and 80% wintergreen chewing tobacco. Greasy liquid smoke    5 
TPA Chicken and Waffles  Maple on the backend, and then burning rubber.     6 
RF Fried Chicken  Straight up vegetable oil, and then some slight chicken notes. Way to much vegetable oil to be useable    8 
FA Ham Cooked  Pig slime, thick yet oily texture. Slight sulfuric note in the background    9 
FA Egg Yolk (Cooked)  Sharper than an egg yolk should be, def not a chicken egg. Slight sulfuric note  2  10 
OOO Chili  Tastes like pumpkin spice mix, or all spice, heavy smoke and a note of bell pepper with a waxy smoked note fused into one    13 
OOO Teriyaki  Very meaty and smoky. Not convinced its safe to vape as it won’t stay in solution     15 
OOO Cheese  Some similarity to cheese, the funkiness isn’t authentic to cheese however so it doesn’t sell as a cheese  2  18 
OOO Parmesan  Missing that parmesan funk that makes it work. Too sweet to be good    20 
OOO Cheddar  Sharp cheddar with vulture vomit    21 
FLV Brie Cheese  Keep it low, adds a good savory richness to things, can be a little musky.   <1  22 
WF Marscipone Cheese  Not acidic enough to be a cream cheese. But needs a good steep to get the funkiness to neutralize itself. Better as a brie cheese   <1  23 
OOO Ketchup  Candy tomato. Sticky sugared tomato juice.    25 
RF Siracha  Tiny similarity to a chili but more like a candy tomato or a tomato flavored jelly bean. No spice kick to it.    26 
OOO Mustard  Smells like yellow mustard, BUT raw vg and super weak all the way up to 6% with a super slight amount of mustard seed buried in it.    26 
FA Mustard  Tastes like mustard, vapes like hot mustard and dejon mustard had a baby. Slightly harsh     27 
OOO Barbeque  Tastes like pumpkin spice, really acidic and candied with an artificial tomato flavor behind the clove that sits on top of it    28 
OOO Wasabi  Acrid rubbery vinegar mixed with teriyaki and a gross sweetness added into the mix    30 
INW Sesame  Tastes like sesame oil, with a super oily feel to it. Very potent and catches in your throat    34 
INW Sesame Sweet  Light on the sesame oil, and kind of doughy. Tastes like caramel popcorn and peanuts like cracker jacks. Bready and dark and roasty. Slightly dry    36 
OOO Sesame Candy  Dark, very roasty, slight background of molasses. Very sesame in flavor    37 
WF Sesame Dough  Pleasant, very palatable. Really nice bread base, dark and yeasty    40 
OOO Pretzel  Pretty runty banana flavor. Slight hint of pretzel in the background    42 
FLV Kinako Soy  Pretty accurate, works well with peanut butters. Toasty and nutty. Dark underlying malty sweetness  .5  42 
VT Soy Milk  A bit aggressive on the nutty note, but is a very authentic soy milk at 2%. Leans towards an unsweetened soy milk  2  45 
FA Croissant  Nightmare, vile, tastes like a pastry sprayed with lemon pledge  1  46 
VT Croissant  Down low it has more versaitility for being not so crispy     
WF Croissant  Crispy flakey texture, beautiful butteriness. Not as soft as it could be, but is a little to sweet for a croissant flavor    50 
FA Bread Crust  Tastes like puppies    51 
RF Baked Bread  Must be used low or it tastes like urine-soaked bread. Otherwise it tastes like bread. Like a French bread    53 
HC Egg Roll  Crispy perfectly fried, powdered sugar taste. Like a cannoli shell (let it steep)    56 
FA Fried Potato  Undercooked skin on fries with no salt. Dirty skin note. A lot of vegetable oil flavor. Realistic fried oil flavor but the no salt makes it gross    58 
FE Sweet Rice  Great, authentic, textured, after a few days it turns to mush in as far as the texture quality.     59 
VT Rice Base  No base, very dark and roasty. Top heavy, wild rice. Gets really floral as its pushed higher  1  60 
FA Red Bean  Super potent. Needs to be diluted and used at like .1 range. Earthy bean skin. Starchy and slightly creamy. A little thin and sweet, pretty accurate except for a bell pepper after taste for it.  <.25  63 
OOO Cornbread  Sweet, not very corny, but more like cornmeal.     66 
HC Corn  Really tastes like corn, with a butyric pukey undertones to it. Very concentrated and over powering. Dirty  <.25  68 
NF Sweet Corn (organic)  Mostly dirty and chemical. With a powder chemical note, and a slight corn flavor    69 
FA Corn  Tastes just like canned sweet corn, with butter added.   1-2  69 
FE Avocado  Caramel flavor, weird green caramel    72 
OOO Avocado  Soapy green walnuts, oddly fruity    73 
FLV Avocado  Banana flavor, (light) no avocado flavor however, really nice as a cream with a rich thick body    74 
HC Avocado  Banana forward, but almost too green to be a banana flavor    75 
VT Avocado Cream  Banana cream flavor    76 
OOO Pickle  Some dill qualities, however it has a rubber acrid note and a weird spearmint off note     77 
OOO Basil  Cannot recommend it. Artificial grass flavor    80 
OOO Garlic  Tastes like fermented match heads. Like a funky sulfur.     80 
OOO Onion  Matchhead taste    81 
FLV Carrot  Spot on, raw carrot. A little dirty. Like a sweet baby carrot    84 
VT Pirano Carrot  Slightly floral on top, carrot underneath  2  86 
FA Bell Pepper  Very authentic and very strong. 1 drop in a 30ml for full flavor bell pepper. Fresh green raw bell pepper.    87 
FLV Oak Barrel  Cleanest most accurate oak flavor. Crisp roasty flavor    89 
VT Barrel Oak  Kind of an alcohol wood flavor, smoky but not charred wood. Sweet and subtle, slightly astringent  2-4  91 
FA Oakwood  The sweetest and most friendly oak flavor out there. Some smokiness, but very sweet oak flavor    92 
TPA Red Oak  Tastes like oak and coconut oil    93 
FLV Wood Spice  Like sandalwood, prominent  <.25  94 
FA White Truffle¬† So pungent and nasty, smells like fermented parmesan cheese. Screams garlic, stomach churning. Has a creamy texture ‚Äď probably don‚Äôt vape.¬† .15¬† 96¬†





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