Blueberry ft. Kindground ? [ Noted: Ep. 81 ]

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Flavor Notes

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FW Blueberry Closest to being complete. Tastes like blueberry pancake syrup. Solid and bold enough to stand out in a mix. Very bright, and can be turned realistic or candied very easily  5 
HS Blueberry Super bright, super candied, more for an experimental abstract concept than a real blueberry. Its “radioactive”  7 
SC/FE Blueberry Not as bright as FW but a very candied blueberry.  9 
TFA Blueberry Extra Good neutral, mellow, natural blueberry. Deeper and leans towards a flat & dull natural blueberry. Has no top note   
TFA Blueberry Wild Doesn’t perform well in a mix. Has a slight funk or musty note to it as well. It is sweet enough to work as a blueberry in a bakery but the mustiness may take it out of that area 3-5 11 
FLV Blueberry Really bright, in your face. Tastes more like grape than blueberry.  15 
INW Blueberry Not good – candy blueberry up front and a medicinal strong quality that takes over afterwards.  16 
JF Blueberry Standout blueberry flavor. Very sweet, full bodied blueberry flavor 2 18 
CAP Blueberry Not good. Very thin very weak and gets very floral at 4% 3 19 
CAP Blueberry Pomegranate Thin, chalky not the best flavor but not terrible. Good at around 4% more pomegranate flavor than the blueberry. 4 20 
VSO Blueberry Very sweet, needs to be pushed very high. It tastes like a blueberry macerated in a pile of sugar. Very tasty just needs to be pushed so high 7-10 24 
DL Blueberry Nice and bright, hits some of the darker notes quite well. Fairly thick body on it. Lacking something in the middle though 5 25 
LA Blueberry Candied more like blue berry not blueberry. More generic tasting, its sweet without being syrupy sweet. Its flat. Weaker needs to be pushed to around 8% in order to taste it. 8 30 
VT Blueberry Tastes like the blue scented marker 3 31 
FA Bilberry Deep, earthy, if gone to high it gets “dirty” used to make blueberry’s authentic as an additive. Really full flavor as well 1 33 
INW Shisha Bilberry Super weird, has a very strange herbal note that comes across as eucalyptus. However, has a pretty decent bilberry/blueberry flavor to it. More interesting and intriguing than it might be useful  39 
VT Bilberry Ripe Blueberry jam, dark and thick and syrupy. Sweet.  43 
WF Blueberry Jam Some earthiness to it, no weird notes, very adequately jammy. A little less sweet than a jam should be but can easily be fixed.  44 
CAP Blueberry Jam More like a blackberry jam. Deep and bright  46 
VT Blueberry Jam More grape-like and not a jam. With hints of blueberry & blackberry. A little flat 2-3 47 
RF Blueberry Jam w/Toast The crispy edges on a French toast, non-yeasty, slightly burnt. The jam isn’t really present there by itself 2 48 
TFA Blueberry Candy Manages to taste like candy without being sweet at all. Tastes like candy with a richness that is not candy at all. More of a generic berry candy  52 
VT Blueberry Candy Smooth sweet, full bodied gummy candy flavor  51 
FW Blueberry Cotton Candy Tastes like ethyl maltol with blueberry and a slight chemical off note 2-3 53 
INW Blue Dwarf Mostly a blueberry bubblegum.    
VT Blueberry Milkshake Smells like vomit. When vaped it has a tart yogurt creaminess to it. The blueberry is hidden with a little brightness to it.  57 
RF Blueberry Cream (VG) Not very creamy, but the cream makes the blueberry rich 6 (1week Steep) 59 
WF Blueberry Smoothie Has real body, great weight and mouthfeel but is lacking the creamy flavor. However, it is a good blueberry flavor minus lacking the dairy notes 3-4 62 
FLV Blueberry Muffin Very close to a perfect cooked blueberry. But there is NO MUFFIN there.  63 
CAP Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Big cinnamon bomb and its very offensive as its not even good cinnamon.  67 
MB Blueberry Delightfully mediocre. Its candied, bright, but also has some darkness to it. Its very mellow   69 
FW Blueberry Graham Waffle Like a cinnamon graham cracker that leads into a waffle with a jammy dark blueberry taste to it. Fairly balanced as well. 3 70 


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