5 Wonder Flavours Candies (Best Blue Raz?)

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In the video above, I take a look at 5 Wonder Flavours Candy flavorings. Some of them aren’t the best, but a couple of them are excellent. Check out the video to hear my thoughts on them, and check out the notes below to see which ones I recommend.


  • WF Sweet and Sour Purple ( mixed at 4%)
    • Sweet Grape Soda-like flavor
    • Quite light and almost fluffy
    • Nice sweet Concord grape flavor
    • Artificial but not Medicinal/Chemical
    • Can be great next to other fruits similar in genre
    • Low end & body both present but main focus is its grape top note


  • WF Green Jolly (4%)
    • Emulates Green Jolly Rancher, accuracy a bit off
    • Has a bit of a red/green apple flavor, with an artificial follow-through
    • Body is a bit too natural, top note almost contains skin flavor
    • Almost has mealy body/mouthfeel
    • Not very potent/strong. Quite light on flavor
    • Not very “candied”
    • A lot better options available


  • WF Sour Watermelon Candy (5%)
    • Bright watermelon candy note, followed by sweet bubblegum-like body
    • Would be a great pairing with bubblegum
    • Excellent candy flavor
    • Can be a bit more present in strength , needs a bit of help
    • Do not use for natural watermelon notes


  • WF Sour Blue Raspberry (6%)
    • My favorite of the bunch
    • Nice bright raspberry flavor, followed by blueberry candy finish
    • Artificial, but not medicinal / chemical.
    • Pairs extremely well with raspberry, peach, guava
    • Long decay, lingers on the palate
    • Might be one of my favorite blue raspberries available


  • WF Peach Gummy Candy (4%)
    • A bit too natural peach flavor, similar to FLV Peach
    • Excellent presence, much like other peaches
    • Touch of “pit” and “rind” in the flavor
    • Not much “gummy” flavors, not very sweet, but a touch sugary
    • Most of the flavor resides in body and follow through, not much brightness on top




  1. EF Frog candy is something I instantly re-ordered. WF really know how to make a solid candy. I didn’t even know Haribo Frogs come in peach flavour (with little bit Passion Fruit) but I can exactly taste it now if I eat them froggos ?.

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