Hardware Recommendations for Review

In this video…

I talk about my plan for reviewing products for this year. Mixers have specific criteria for a good RDA, that other reviewers just don’t cover. Things like ease of building / wicking, flavor speciality (like an emphasis on highs or lows), and of course flavor accuracy and saturation. These are aspects I want to cover with my reviews, to hopefully find a good and AFFORDABLE option for mixers. In the video, I ask for recommendations from the chat to find out which ones you want to see covered. If you have any other suggestions, make sure to leave them down below in the comments. Make sure it is under $60 and is an RDA.




  1. The DROP is by far my favorite RDA as of now… it has adjustable side airflow that you can really turn down if you need… imo the flavor is great and it’s a cinch to build and wick. If your only gonna pick one of the drop/dead RDAs, I would go with the DROP. I like it enough where I’m probably gonna pick up another… Plus it’s probably one that most of your viewers have.
    I also have the dead rabbit and the drop is wayyy better all around. That’s just my opinion tho…

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