Rootbeer ft. Dr. Doobie ? [ Noted: Ep. 80 ]

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Flavor Notes & Time Stamps

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
CAP Root beer Weak root beer flavor, slight molasses’s sweetness, no spice or effervescence. Dry and weak. Not a great root beer 5 3 
TFA Root beer Plastic off note that ruins the overall flavor. Way to much licorice flavor 5 6 
TFA Root Beer Float Cinnamon like spice to it. No creaminess to it. You’d be better off building it yourself than using this flavor 6 9 
FW Root Beer Float Tastes like root beer barrel candy with some cream filling in there. Very mellow and thick texture with the vanilla lingering 6 11 
FW Root Beer Spicy authentic flavor. Sweeter, juicy like a beverage should be. Really sweet thick body to it.  13 
DL Root Beer¬†Middle of the road for spice, creaminess,¬†mouth watering, ‚Äúdelightfully mediocre‚ÄĚ will need a boost from another root beer to complete it¬†5¬†19¬†
LB Root Beer Not spicy, no texture, its flat root beer, not as sweet. Slight throat hit at the recommended % of 9% 9 22 
FLV Root Beer Very spicy, has the bite your looking for, also has a great light creamy finish  1-5 27 


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