Corn Bread SHOWDOWN; 2019 Resolutions

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In this new video I talk about my 2019 resolutions for DIYorDIE, as well as the content you can expect from this channel for the new year. I also wrote a more extensive post about this, where you can read here.

Corn Bread Showdown

The bulk of the video above deals with me revewing two new Corn Bread Pudding remixes, one by Shakenvape007 as well as Nickevz. Both recipes are quite different from eachother, yet tackle the same profile. Which recipe is my favorite? Which has the best flavor? Which is most accurate? Check out the video to see my opinions! Click the links below to view their recipes.

Shakenvape007 Recipe

Country Clouds Corn Bread Puddin' Remix


After a week of developing and roughly 30 different versions, I am confident this is a solid remix of Country Clouds Corn Bread Puddin’. There was a profile that was missing in every possible combination in previous versions. At first I went the popular TPA Kettle corn route to recreate the corn bread and wasn’t quite there. It was adding to much of a sweet dry popcorn note to the mix and not really giving that corn bread texture in the commercial version. I tried Flv popcorn, LA buttered popcorn, Tfa movie theater, Fw buttered popcorn the list goes on... even FA corn lol which pretty much canned corn. So I figured I needed to pretty much build the corn bread profile from the ground up and try to keep it simple and not complex from a commercial e-liquid stand point, thinking what would they use. Now this is where the tricky part comes into play “that underlying missing profile. Of course Acetyl Pyrazine is there but how much? Starting at .50% and combined with FA Break Fast Cereals seemed to work well in the first few mix’s but still was falling short. So doing some research on a specific compound Cyclotene I felt this was key. Cyclotene is found in a lot of concentrates we use but in low amounts but loaded with other compounds causing me to push a flavor to extremes and cause muddled off notes or muting. This is where Tpa Maple syrup comes in. It’s loaded with Cyclotene. This is what ties in the corn bread base. Now that’s out of the way, back to the cornbread. These are the failed attempts of the bread imo. FA breakfast cereal, Cap Cereal 27, Tpa Crunchy cereal. These were paired with some type of corn flavor and various creams or even pushing AP to its limits. So back to research still missing that profile. I needed a more buttery slight cream AP texture. This is where Tpa Cheesecake Graham comes in. I know right?!? But It has everything I need in texture, slight butter, sweetness, AP, a little cream and guess what else?? Cyclotene. So the Ap, CCGC and maple syrup/Ooo cornbread make up the cornbread. The Ooo corn bread gives it even more texture corn sweetness. Now the keeping it simple. I don’t get much pudding in the original just more of a heavy vanilla cream. Tpa Vanilla custard. This flavor is also key that pulls everything together to give the vape more body and nice vanilla accent to replicate the so called “pudding”. Don’t forget the sweetener!! Yes 1 percent to keep it authentic to the commercial version. Also keep in mind the AP is pushed to .75% I wouldn’t go over this!! it just takes over and mutes. You get plenty more from the CCGC. Off the scale you will taste the custard pushing through a little on the ass end of the vape. Giving it 24 hours it will homogenize and won’t be as noticeable. There is a lot more notes on other profiles in this but I tried to keep as condensed as possible. Enjoy this one.


CAP Super Sweet     1%OOO Corn Bread     2.5%TPA Acetyl Pyrazine 5%     0.75%TPA Cheesecake (graham Crust)     3%TPA Maple Syrup     1%TPA Vanilla Custard     3%

Total Flavor: 11.25%

Nickevz Recipes

Thriller And Vanilla - A cornbread pudding remix.


This is my attempt at cornbread pudding by country clouds, not a million miles away, in my opinion it's better :) There isn't really much to explain here... the yellow cake, cereal 27 and AP make up most of the cornbread while the maple syrup keeps it all moist and sticky... the Bavarian adds a slight Caramelization while also backing up the vanilla swirl to make a good thick pudding and then the super sweet just to keep up with the original but this is in no way of the same sweetness, my version is less sweet and cloying although still sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.


CAP Cereal 27     5%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Cake (yellow)     4%TPA Acetyl Pyrazine 5%     0.75%TPA Bavarian Cream     1.5%TPA Maple Syrup     0.5%TPA Vanilla Swirl     4%

Total Flavor: 16.25%



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