Go Vote for Best Recipes of the 2018!

The Best

That time is upon us! As the 2018 comes to an end, it’s always great to acknowledge and celebrate some of the best recipes and mixers that have been given to us over the year. As I am personally preparing for my own “Best Of” list, I wanted to give the community a chance to voice their opinions as well. So this is the first year I will be putting out a “Community’s Choice” awards for a few different categories. If there is a recipe that you absolutely loved and can’t stop vaping, or there’s a recipe that you found really pushed the boundaries of mixing, please vote!

How to Vote

  • Head to the DIYorDIE Mixer’s Collective FB Group
  • View the “Announcements”
  • Place the link of the recipe in the comments, under the correct category
  • “Like” recipes that have already been posted
  • Feel free to put down your own recipes
  • No “spam” or artificial manipulation of votes. If this happens, the recipe will be disqualified.
  • Recipes with most votes will win
  • Voting ends Jan 6th.


So click those links, comment with your favorite recipes, get the word out on the vote, and let’s see who takes the win for the best recipes of 2018! Make sure to follow DIYorDIE on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on the voting as well as winners.




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