Noted: Ep. 79 – Weird Mixed Berries ft. Kris WK

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
FLV Acai Berry  There is a chocolate note to it, its dry however and thin. Can become harsh. Fairly full flavored, has a lingering dry thin coco flavor. No floral edge, flavor tastes like blueberries & dark red berries. Has a wonderful “room note”  1  03 
CAP Silver Line Acai Berry  More or less a mixed berry flavor. Like a gummy flavored worm without the sour. No coco note. Pretty distinct separation between the top blueberry taste and the bottom dark red base which is also where the gummy flavor comes in. Slightly harsh  5  11 
FW Huckleberry  Tastes like a red blueberry. Bright top-heavy sweetness, but also kind of deep. Slight astringency to it.    14 
TFA Huckleberry  Powerfully concentrated. Like a red blackberry, starts to get really floral real fast.  <1  16 
DL Huckleberry  Nice blue berry type of vibe. Syrupy, some real good body. Slight berry floral edge without being over powering or off putting.  5  18 
RF Yum Berry  Bright, tastes like a darker berry, top heavy brighter sweetness and very juicy. Lacking in body however.  2  23 
FW Yum Berry  Bright red berry strawberry/cherry some kind of bubblegum and then a sawdust or woody off note. Juicy and not dry  3-5  25 
WF Yang Mae  Like a blackberry strawberry, deeper, not super sweet, but carries its texture through the entire vape. Has a slight syrup like quality to it    26 
FW Cherry Berry  “no good” – strawberry & cough syrup cherry    28 
WF Saskatoon Berry  Earthy muskiness (like a butthole), very jammy & sweet, great body  1.5  29 
TFA Berry Mix  -bad-    33 
CAP Harvest Berry  Super astringent. Some kind of medicinal note there    36 
WF Bumbleberry  Delicious, what CAP Harvest Berry should be. A perfect blend of berries, full flavored and sweet  1-3  40 
FLV Berry Blend  A little dry and weaker or less saturated than other berry flavors. Nice bright, red flavors of berries. Its jammy  1-2  42 
FA Forrest Fruit  Delicious on its own, great in a mix. Thick and very sweet. Can have a throat hit on it so be careful  2-3  45 
VT Forrest Mixed Berries  Slightly Soapy. Otherwise like a handful of wild berry skittles    53 
FW Wild Berry Cobbler  Very good as a stand alone. Good balance, good bakery cobbler note, and the berries are nice and sweet.   3-5  56 

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