Molinberry First Impressions – #Flavortalk

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Polish Aroma

So recently, Polish flavoring company Molinberry reached out to me to hopefully get some more exposure on their flavorings. Of course, they wanted to send me out their line to hopefully get my opinions on what I think about them. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not that familiar with Molinberry. I’ve only used a couple of their flavorings, and the two I tried, I wasn’t too impressed by. But now that I got the entire line in, I wanted to test a few out and give you my first impressions. I try out a fruit, a custard, and a bakery, and then I try and mix up an all Molinberry recipe to see how they are mixed. There still needs to be a lot more testing done, but currently, I’m happy with the flavorings I tried so far!



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