Creamstones – Creamy DIY E-liquid Bases

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The first popular cream stone that I can personally remember was created by the mixer “et3rn1ty” with his recipe Milkstone. This simple recipe is meant to be mixed up as a “stone” or “one-shot”, and then used in recipes to provide a delicious cream layer that’s easy to customize. It contains Bavarian Cream, Sweet Cream, and Coconut Extra, all from TFA, and has since gone through 4 different variations. This simple concept has been emulated by thousands of mixers and has spun off hundreds of “stone” recipes in the process. Now there are Milkstones, Bakerystones, Strawberrystones, and the list goes on. Today we’ll focus on just “cream”stones. Now the recipes below show two formulations. One being the %’s used in a mix (% mixed), the other being made into a “one shot” (% made).

Malted Milkstone

CAPCreamy Yogurt4%80%
TFAMalted Milk0.5%10%
TFABavarian Cream0.5%10%

This is the layer used in my Quik recipe, which you can purchase over at It provides a rich and creamy experience, with a touch of malt, to help shave off any weird off-notes that might come from “straight” milk. It’s excellent with Strawberries, Blueberries, Bakeries, and Chocolates. If you want a more thick and velvety experience, you can replace CAP Creamy Yogurt with FW Yogurt at 3%

Yogurt Stone

TFAGreek Yogurt4%72.%

Initially, I was a big fan of CAP’s Creamy Yogurt, though it doesn’t provide that slightly sharp cheesy note that really makes yogurt authentic. TFA provides that in droves, without it tasting like spoiled milk. Adding 1% of FW Yogurt makes it a bit more Dannon yogurt, and a bit more thick.  I’m adding Meringue to add some inherent sweetness which makes it easy to blend with fruits



Mallow Stone

OOOPowdered Sugar3%60%

I know Marshmallows aren’t really creams, but in the vaping world, they provide somewhat a creamy (and fluffy) vape, so I decided to add it. This is a slightly modified version of my Marshmallow Man remix where I swapped out FLV Marsh, for FA’s because I find it’s a better traditional marshmallow flavor. The OOO Powdered Sugar and Meringue give that fluffy powdered sugar effect on the marshmallow and add to the authenticity.

Ice Cream Stone

TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream4%80%
HSFrench Vanilla Ice Cream1%20%
HSFrench Vanilla Ice Cream2%40%
FWVanilla Bean Ice Cream3%60%

So here there are two recipes. The “alt” version for those who can’t enjoy TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream due to the “pepper” effect. That said, the alt version does not skimp on flavor at all, so both versions are completely compatible. Mainly, we’re using the flavor from TFA or FW’s Ice Cream, which is sweet, vanilla being present, and light, and adding some extra richness from the HS French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Custard Stone

Elizabeth’s Custard

So I personally developed my own “Custard” layer for people to use in their recipes. It’s thick, rich, buttery and bright, and provides a a dense layer to add your favorite fruits on top of it. I personally use this ingredient in my own custard recipes, as it makes it extremely easy to create fun complex mixes.



Soy Stone

FESweet Rice5%77%
TFAVanilla Swirl1%15%

This is my exact Yeo Layer recipe. To me, it’s spot on Rice/Soy milk. There’s a certain type of top note that’s so reminiscent of it, and you’ll know once you vape it. Anytime you’re looking for a soy milk, or a rice milk, I would highly suggest using this layer in your mix, as I haven’t been able to find anything more accurate to that profile.

Cheesecake Stone

CAPNY Cheesecake5%67%
CAPSugar Cookie1.5%20%

This stone has been under development for quite some time. The issue with Cheesecake, is that it’s really recipe dependent, so it changes depending on what flavors you’re pairing with it. This particular stone seems to be the most versatile of the bunch, so I chose it. CAP’s NY Cheesecake is my favorite, provides a deliciously accurate cheesecake flavor, and we add some extra density with FW yogurt. Finally we pair it up with some CAP Sugar Cookie for the crust and we’re good!




So I hope these “stones” or layers or bases – whatever you’d like to call them – help you out in your recipes! Always remember that the best results will come if you tweak your ingredients according to the recipe. While plug-and-play recipes are quick and easy, they sometimes need a bit more tweaking to get perfect. So don’t be afraid of tuning these to fit your flavor profile. If these have helped you out, feel free to share this article with other mixers, and don’t forget to head over to the Shop to pick up a Membership which gives you exclusive access to all of DIYorDIE. It also allows me to produce articles and videos like this!




  1. Wayne can we get some Elizabeth’s Custard recipes. I’m lost on how to even go about mixing with it. I understand layers but is there Super Sweet how much of what strawberry/any other fruit should be mixed with it? Should there be less EC then if you do mix a fruit or cream with it? Lots of unanswered questions here. I think it would also improve sales with some context. Sorry if I seem coarse here I’m frustrated with myself more then anything. PS thank you for everything you do for the DIY community.

  2. Wayne… I just bought Elizabeth’s Custard and I’d love to see some of your recipe recommendations like you did with Milkboi. Please… just a few recommendations of what to mix with it and at what %.

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