Tropical Punch [ Noted: Ep. 78 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
TFA Hawaiian Drink  Thin and astringent. Weak no body, not a good purchase for a tropical punch vape  4-5  05 
FW Hawaiian Islands Punch Type  Really bad cherry note that ruins the experience for any use    07 
CAP Super  Very obnoxious cherry off note present in the exhale of the vape    09 
FW Hawaiian Lime-aid  Good lime-aid flavor but slight rough cherry off note that ruins the flavor on the exhale  1.5-3  10 
RF SC Tropical Punch  Nice generic red fruit, then pineapple orange flavor mingled with it, followed by a sweet onion off note  2.5  12 
FLV Tropical Punch  Weaker flavor, tropical punch & some watermelon bubblegum flavor, some slight plastic & chemical notes as well    13 
DL Tropical Fruit Punch  Very nasty cherry off note with an odd gummy texture to the mix  5  19 
FW Tropical Punch  An orange yellow mix of fruit flavors, candy artificial pineapple up front. Not harsh and some sweet apple juice or mango to finish it off.  4-6  21 
FW Tropical Creme Breeze  Fluffy but really smooth cream-sickle taste, hints of mango and orange in the cream  6  22 
FW Ecto Cooler Type  Very orange forward with some pineapple, sweet and syrupy mouthfeel. Very pleasant candied orange and pineapple juice.   6  25 
JF Tropic  Artificial and candied, coconut and pineapple liflesavers   2  28 
DL Classic Punch  Still has a cherry off note in it.  5  32 
FLV Tropical Citrus  Nice citrus blend, generic citrus without being offensive or having any off notes. Tangerine forward with a slight lemon note  2  34 
FLV Papaya Punch  Funky papaya note, very earthy body to it  2-3  40 
SC Tropical Fruit  Papaya nectar, really sweet with a lot of depth, but it fades really bad really quickly    42 
TFA Passion Orange Guava  Very pleasant, delightful, fruity flavor. Some passion fruit, slight separation, appropriately tart. Some orange mixed in but its thin. There is a slight floral off note to the passion fruit    46 
LB Pacific Cooler  Fruity and sweet a little dry, slightly harsh throat hit  6  58 
FW Beetle Juice  Raspberry pineapple flavor, like a sweet syrupy candy type of thing. Slightly top heavy and plenty of mouthfeel and body like a sherbet.    62 




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