Noted: Ep. 77 – Herbs ft. Kopel & Concrete River

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
FA Zen Garden Dry, works better with custards than other basil notes   
FLV Basil Fresh, works with fruits and creams   
TPA Horehound Tastes like the herbal ricolas, works well with a sweet lemon, can go ok with soda blends as a low back note. Pairs well with eucalyptus mint but it needs sweetener afterwards as it gets a sharp note to it. 2-3 (solo)
1-1.5 (mixed) 
FW Sassafras Its dark, its herbal, doesn’t have the sweetness and body that you would expect from that flavor. Works really well as a sassafrass and also helps in building a rootbeer or a gingerbeer  20 
FA Black Touch Is like a dry licorice root, really nice body and thick and chewy woody notes associated with it as well. Can work well in a tea or of course in a black licorice type recipe .25-1 23 
TPA Woodruff Not good and too heavy and aggressive  26 
JF Sweet Woodruff  Fresh sweet greens, does really cool things with tobaccos, definitely sweet, not perfumey at all. Fairly potent Up to 2 27 
FLV Lemon Grass Good, works in teas, lemonades. Very strong and has a great strong lemon note, as well as a strong grassy note .5-1 30 
INW Shisha Rosemary Very potent. Authentic dry rosemary. Very accurate  34 
DV Dandelion & Burdock Really bright seltzer like herbal tonic. A little thin by itself but very sweet. Also not particularly strong Up to 15 38 
FLV Lovage Gets really green and wet pushed passed .25%. also really bad by itself, but can be great as an accent in tobaccos to make a more wet pipe like tobacco .25 40 
INW Cactus Not quite prickly pear, not quite aloe, more sweet and wet. Used to juice up recipes  <.25 44 
TFA Mary Jane Bad, move on.  52 
FA Reggae Night Juniper and fresh cut grass  52 
FLV Yakima Hops The good piney parts that you would be looking for in a marijuana tasting flavor. Has a great body, a little citrus like. Also it’s a little dry as well Up to 3 55 
VT Green Mango Piney and tart  60 



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