Ice Cream ? ft. Jairy [ Noted: Ep. 76 ]

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Captures a vanilla bean, spicy, very thick and custard like, its heavy and dense, buttery and palette coating. Very versatile flavor 2-8 05 
HS French Vanilla Ice Cream More richness, so thick, and buttery, good as an additive  .5 Р2 10 
LB Vanilla Ice Cream Buttery, creamy, sweet, has a good vanilla bean vanilla note. 5-10 18 
TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato A little waxy, a little lighter, surprisingly sweet, there is a fruity note  22 
CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Very spicy vanilla, not nearly as butter crazy as other vanilla bean ice creams. A lighter vanilla note than other heavy butter infused vanillas or creams  26 
FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream¬†Light n fluffy, more like a heavy whipped cream or a light ice cream, artificial vanilla, generic tasting vanilla. More like a ‚Äúsoft serve‚ÄĚ ice cream¬†¬†31¬†
FA Vanilla Ice Cream (gelato) Sweet, thick, pallet coating, brighter vanilla. Slight floral note in the vanilla, no butter note at all 3 33 
VT Milkshake base Used really low and as an additive, has a slight malty flavor, but mostly just adds a richness that can be overwhelming 3-5 41 
VT Vanilla Ice Cream Smooth and creamy vanilla with a slight nail polish off note from it, not very thick or dense 5 42 
VT French Vanilla Ice Cream Seriously floral vanilla type, with cherry and almond notes, thick but not ice cream, like a medium thick dairy cream 5 43 
VT Toffee Ice Cream Creamy buttery toffee flavor, really good toffee notes, but lacking in the vanilla and ice cream realms. Creamy and delicious but all toffee notes 5-8 44 
RF Ice Cream Lacking milk and texture, thin and dry, some vanilla but mostly hidden by a caramelized sugar flavor  49 
FW Strawberry Milkshake Great as a single flavor, full sweet, syrupy strawberry, with a thick heavy cream milkshake flavor  50 
OOO Vanilla Ice Cream Blend 1 Tastes like cheap fluffy ice cream ice cream. Tastes a little too watery, with a slight lemon off note that is peculiar 3 53 
OOO Vanilla Ice Cream Blend 2 Unoffensive, more than just a little dry, tasted more like a vanilla marshmallow than an ice cream, artificially flat and dull vanilla flavor 3 54 
OOO Vanilla Ice Cream Blend 3 Very similar to blend 2, might be slightly more malty than blend 2 3 55 
MB Milkshake¬†very rich and ‚ÄúDAP‚ÄĚ ,¬†very thick and pallet coating,¬†¬†3¬†56¬†
WF Pistachio Cream Authentic pistachio nut, more like an older pistachio, not very creamy. More like a pistachio than a pistachio ice cream 3 58 
VT Devon Cream Really good chocolate ice cream flavor 2&up 60 
RF SC Rocky Road Ice Cream A decent chocolate flavor, but no ice cream in it. Could be used as a building block for a Rocky Road ice cream as it has a really good nut note in there as well. 3 65 
RF Ice Cream Sandwich Zero ice cream flavor, tastes like a store brand Oreo knockoff with the frosting licked off. Very cookie forward 3 62 
RF Blue Moon Ice Cream Berry and citrus sherbet top notes, a light and creamy vanilla note in the middle and then hollow and blank in the end like just VG  71 




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