Florals ?[ Noted: Ep. 75 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  TIme 
TFA Honeysuckle  More like a non-descript pear, kind of thin and juicy and as long as you don’t go over 3-4% it doesn’t get weird.  2-4  11 
FLV Rose  Sweeter rose aspect, not super vegetal or musky, really pleasant and easy to work with. Has a lot of promise  1  17 
FA Rose  Useable but difficult as its really potent  <.25  15 
RF Rose  Astringent, dry and chemical note    16 
TFA Rose Candy  Not particularly good, gets very offensively perfume-like and ultra-musky really quickly.    16 
FA Violet  Very floral and harder to work with. Does well with citrus and lighter creams    23 
Decadent Vapors Parma Violet  Very easy to manage, very floral and plays a lot better than FA Violet. Plays well with citrus and lighter creams and some bakeries as long as you stay away from cinnamon.  2-4  25 
FA Lavender  Mixes well with citrus, vanilla, and some bakeries  <.5  27 
FA Jasmine  Useable in lower %’s as an accent but its hard to pick out.   .5  30 
CAP Hibiscus  More like a hibiscus tea flavor super clingy sticky flavor and adds mouthfeel to a mix    36 
FLV Hibiscus  Super green and leafy    38 
TFA Hibiscus  A bit of the green, and a more perfumery floral top note. With a faint bit of hibiscus on the back end. But CAP Hibiscus is still the best of the bunch    41 
TFA Cherry Blossom  Stands out well at 1-2% but can be pushed to 3-4%, does really well with apples, pears, and works in ciders but not in an alcohol note.    42 
FLV Cherry Blossom  Hard to work with, has more pronounced top notes than TFA and thus is harder to work with. Pushed past 1% it gets chalky and sweet more like a candy then a floral note.    43 
LB Cherry Blossom Team  Serious medicinal note and a plastic off note as well.     45 
FLV Sugar Orchid  Chalky sweetness, thick and sweet. Very interesting texture notes. Works well in a frosting capacity  .5  47 
FLV Blackberry Blossom  Very cool deep blackberry note, interesting wild flower kind of floral. Deep thick floral note, and it is a bully in mixes so its harder to work with as a result.    50 
VT Sweet Musk  It’s a patchouli flavor, not good for working with others.     52 
DL Honeysuckle  Sweet, juicy, floral edge is very mild. A little bit on the weaker side  5  65 




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