The Flavors Apprentice Answers Ripe Strawberry Questions

Flavor Triangles

So if you didn’t see the news from yesterday, DIYorDIE came under the knowledge that the original formulation of TFA Ripe Strawberry, the most used flavoring on the market, has been removed and a new formulation has been put in its place. Well, amid the controversy and the cries of the people, we were able to get an official statement from TFA pertaining to the issue. Below is a Facebook post made on The Flavors Apprentice page, where they talk about what happened, the testing they have done, and what’s to come. Check it out below


So it seems what we know is that TFA Ripe Strawberry is being made by a new company. One that does not currently make the original recipe. For some reason, TFA lost their primary manufacturer. Fortunately, it seems they will be using the same formulation (the spec list seems to be the same). What we don’t know, at least not yet, is what this new manufacturer’s formulation tastes like, or how different/similar it is from the original. I am still waiting on my batch to arrive to do my testing. But if we were to go off of TFA’s word, their testers weren’t able to pick out a difference. This is much better news than what we previously learned. Keep following DIYorDIE to stay updated on this topic.



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