Pecans ft. Mr. Burgundy [ Noted: Ep. 74 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
CAP Pralines and Cream  Tastes like hazelnut coffee cream with maple syrup. Not very pecan like, but it is creamy    05 
CAP Silverline Butter Pecan  Sticky caramelized sugar coating really well. Lighter on the flavor, comes in at the finish. Slightly dry and flat  3-6  08 
FLV Pralines  Slightly sweet, pretty nutty. Slight bitter or sharp chemical quality to it. More creamy than sugary.   2  10 
TFA Pecan  One of their more potent flavors, must use low at higher %’s tastes like gasoline. 1% tastes like a raw pecan without any sweetness attached to it.  <1  15 
FW Pecan  Slightly roasted, has a creamy feel to it. Like a buttery richness without a butter taste. Strong, solid pecan flavor for using in a mix. Really creamy feel similar to their hazelnut.  1 – 3  17 
FW Butter Pecan  Very rich and buttery pecan    18 
WF Roasted Pecans and Cream  Dark and roasty with some cream to back it up so its not so dry or bitter. Slight coffee note associated with this flavor at higher %’s (shows up around 3%)  1-1.5  19 
OOO Buttered Pecan  No offensive notes, focuses much more on the nut and butter than the caramelized sugar part. Might be better used as an additive. Has a buttery mouthfeel  2-4  27 
OOO Butter Pecan Ice Cream  Ice cream is pretty thick, has a good body, a very good butter pecan note, but is less noticeable than in the just straight butter pecan. Could be vaped by itself its that good.  3-4  32 
PUR Butter Pecan  Lot of butter, very sweet and candied. The pecan note is more on the line of a roasted pecan. No off notes with this flavor.  Up to 4  32 
RF Butter Pecan Pie  Sucks. Some butter pecan notes, vague sweetness that is like sweetened VG in the end.    38 
WF Butter Pecan Pie  Barely noticeable pie crust, delicious filling. Really tasty butter pecan flavor. Missing the custard bottom of the pie part.  3-5  40 
DL Pecan Pie  “just above delightfully mediocre” has some toastiness, nails the nuttiness down pretty well. Generally thin, unlike a good custard or pecan pie. Lacking pie crust  5  45 
FW Maple Pecan   Really enjoyable flavor. Distinct flavor. Quite dry, good maple note without being overbearing. Really good balance between the pecan and the maple flavor  2  49 



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