Did TFA Kill Strawberry Ripe? : Bestia / Daywon : Vegas [ This Week w/ Wayne ]

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Gottlieb on the Attack

This Week w/ Wayne makes its RETURN! This time, with a long video detailing 4 different stories. The first story has to do with the Washington Post article in which FDA Commissioner sits and talks about what he plans to do with the vapor industry, due to the rising youth use. I talk about his plans, as well as my thoughts on the issue.

Did TFA Ruin Ripe Strawberry?

This is the biggest story in this weeks video. I received information about The Flavors Apprentice and how they have reformulated their most popular flavoring, Strawberry Ripe. If the flavoring were to follow what INW did with Milk Chocolate, and completely ruin it, this would be the most destructive reformulation we’ve seen yet. Check out the link above, as well as the video for more details.

The Best-ia

The 3rd story in the video deals with my thoughts on some new products I purchased at the Vegas convention. One being the Bestia 21700 mod, which is a VERY tiny 21700 mech mod, that relies on a side-fire mechanism. I also picked up Mission X Coil Vapes new RDA, the Daywon RDA, which is an awesome little flavor banger, fit with one airflow intake, for rich, dense, warm vapes.


The last bit of the video is my footage from the VapeExpo Las Vegas convention. It was the first time DIY has been represented so heavily in a mainstream show before, and it was amazing to be apart of something so fun. I couldn’t be more proud of the mixers there, as well as the companies, Flavorah, Liquid Barn, and Chef’s, for making it happen. It truly was something special. The show itself thought, was dead.



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