The Ultimate Peach Showdown! ?

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In the video above, I take a comprehensive look at all the peach flavorings on the market, and put them head to head against each other to let you know which flavorings are the best, which ones are meh, and which ones to completely skip. Next time you’re making your flavor order, or you have a recipe you want to create, take a look at this list to choose the right Peaches!

DIYorDIE Recommended

Good Flavors

  • FA White Peach
  • DEL Peach
  • FW Pineapple Peach
  • FLV Peach Gummy
  • FLV Peach
  • TFA Apricot
  • CAP Juicy Peach

Meh Flavors

Bad Flavors

  • RF Peach
  • FW Peach
  • VT Shisha Peach


So this is my list in order from best to worst. To be completely honest, if you could only buy 3, then buy the Recommended flavorings. They should be able to get you as much as you need done, will provide excellent results, and get a lot of use out of them. If you need more specific use cases, then the Good list is a great option. The Meh and Bad flavors, I’d skip. Hopefully this helps!

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