Chocolate ?ft. Concrete River [ Noted: Ep. 73 ]

Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
Bakers Flavors Chocolate Truffle  Dry, but a really good chocolate, just hard to get ahold of. There is the chance of a slight coconut off note,    04 
INW Milk Chocolate  **was reformulated** now not worth your time in any way as a chocolate    08 
FLV Milk Chocolate  Tastes like Hershey’s Syrup, takes over everything in recipes. Slight bitter note as well. Not dry however  <.5  10 
TFA Double Chocolate Clear  Is more of an additive     
VT Chocolate Base (clear)  Does a good job of brining a chocolate vibe, but has no body or presence to be a chocolate on its own.    15 
LB Lava Cake  Really good mouthfeel, versatile. Used low (1-2%) it’s a hot fudge or chocolate sauce. Higher (7-8%) its like a chocolate cake.    18 
FLV Chocolate Deutch  Great chocolate note, great cake note, good coconut note. One of the better chocolates, and can be used even as a single flavor chocolate.  .25-1.25  20 
WF Chocolate Chunks¬† Slight ‚Äútootsie rolls‚ÄĚ note as you go higher in %‚Äôs. good milk chocolate, reads like an actual hard chocolate chunk.¬† 2-3¬† 24¬†
HS Australian Chocolate  Darker, tastes like a hard-shell part of a chocolate. Robust coco flavor,     25 
CAP Fudge Brownie  Is a chocolate fudge brownie, but cannot be melded into anything else. Its dark and will ruin your coils but there is no versatility with it. Really dense, tastes like a thick brownie batter    26 
CAP Chocolate Glazed Donut  Tastes like it reads, impossible to blend it into anything but a chocolate glazed donut. There is a playdoh note that comes with it.  2-8  30 
FA Chocolate Glazed Donut  Slight playdoh note, fairly yeasty donut flavor  5  32 
LB Chocolate Roll  Good tootsie roll flavor  9  35 
DL Milk Chocolate  Not great, odd toasted almond off note mixed in the chocolate note  5  37 
FW Double Dutch Chocolate  Like a chocolate frosting, creamy, rich, can be dry and powdery.     38 
FW Double Dutch Twister  Like a chocolate frosting mixed with white chocolate frosting, creamy, rich, fudge like.     39 
FA Chocolate¬† Gross ‚Äď coil killer¬†¬† ¬† 43¬†
FA Coco¬† Dry and chalky ‚Äď coil killer¬† ¬† 43¬†
VT Dark Chocolate  Dry, heavy on the coco, doesn’t have a dark chocolate bite to it. But it’s a decent chocolate     
VT Swiss Chocolate  A little dry, the front-end tastes like chemical toner from a copy machine.    46 
VT Chocolate Milk  Creamy, not authentic chocolate milk, richness to it, sharper edges. Slightly musky without being offensive    49 
DL Dark Chocolate  Slight toasted almond note as well, speaks more dark chocolate, thin, a little dry,  5  52 
HS Chocolate Cream  Buttery rich, no distinguishable chocolate note in there, slight nut-like note   .5  53 
VT Devon Cream  Really good mouthfeel, tastes like a chocolate milkshake    55 
VT Chocolate Mousse  Creamy, rich, good chocolate foundation. Has a slight fluffy texture. Isn’t a particularly solid flavor. Great to be used as an accent.  2-6  57 
DL German Chocolate  Nice smooth chocolate, hint of coconut (candied)  5  59 
TFA Ruby Chocolate  Darker coco, with some raspberry. A little bit dry great to bridge any form of berry note with a chocolate.    61 
JF Milk Chocolate  Dry, decent milk chocolate. Not as milky as others, slight bitter or sharp note.    64 
DL Chocolate Coconut  More of a coconut flavor then a chocolate flavor. A dark chocolate note, dry, very powerful coconut note.  5  65 
OOO Chocolate Milk  Not an authentic chocolate milk, darker like a coco milk. Slightly thin but is rich and creamy. Sweet, but needs a lot of help to be complete    67 




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