White Chocolate ft. JBird [ Noted: Ep. 72 ]

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Flavor Names Notes % Time 
TFA White Chocolate Lacking, creamy and sweet, small white chocolate flavor, and can have a “Pepper” note along with it  06 
FW White Chocolate Imperfect but very workable. Top note is musky bakery which throws the profile off a bit. Chalky finish. The lower to middle is smooth, dense, heavy thick, hint of vanilla, really authentic coco butter. Has the right mouthfeel for a white chocolate. 2-4 12 
FLV White Chocolate Just enough of the tang that you want, really thick and creamy. Very coco butter forward. No off notes, just very top heavy and missing the base. However, its perfect to use with FW White Chocolate in tandem  .5-2 14 
VT White Chocolate Base Tastes more like cream cheese icing than white chocolate. It has the coco butter, but it has an off tang to it similar to cream cheese. Heavy dairy note. Thick and rich mouthfeel.  15 
VT Love Great thick and creamy mouthfeel. Not much of a white chocolate note in it. The flavor itself is quite subtle. And there is a bit of actual chocolate flavor in it which is off putting. Also, slight hint of vanilla. Not a shake and vape ingredient 2-3 17 
RF White Chocolate Good top end flavor, very authentic, mild milky white chocolate but very quickly drops off into just raw vg which seems typical of Real Flavors. 3 21 
WF White Fudge Sour milk tang right in the middle of it, can probably be covered up in a mix. Really sugary sweet 2-3 24 
LB White Chocolate Peppermint Lacking in the white chocolate. More like a candy cane dipped in a very thin coating of white chocolate. It is however a very good tasting peppermint bark type flavor. Great as a single flavor mix 9-12 27 
HC White Chocolate A lot of body, coco butter forward, very strong, has the body, works great in a mix as an additive 1 29 
Fairy’s Finest White Chocolate Very sweet and creamy, nice tang, no off notes, good middle of the road flavor  30 
DL White Chocolate Delightfully Mediocre, a nice vanilla note to it 5 32 
Medicine Flower White Chocolate Very good, but very candy flavor, needs a month steep and is hard to mix with other flavors  41 



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