Single Coil dotRDA by Dotmod – First Impressions

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Single Coiler’s Rejoice!

In this video, I take a first look at the dotRDA made by Dotmod. This is an RDA specifically meant to target the single-coil vapers out there, such as myself. When I first got my eyes on it, I wanted to try it out. Mainly because I’ve always been a fan of Dotmod’s products, I think they have a nice aesthetic to them. But also because I like to give all these Flavor, or as I like to call them “Reference” RDA’s a shot. And this one did not disappoint. The unboxing experience was quite nice, and they throw in a few goodies to help ease the pain of the $60 price point, which isn’t too bad considering the competition.

The building experience was something I was a bit weary of, but in reality, with the weird coil jig they give you, it makes building and installing kinda easy. I do think though, those who like crazier, more ambitious coils, might find trouble. Lastly, the vape experience was great. What I got was a nice saturated reference style vape. This means a good dense vape, without too much emphasis on the highs or lows. Balance being the key word. Is it as flavorful or saturated as the Citadel, or Hadaly, or Entheon? No, in my opinion. But what it does offer is a cheaper price point, a great balanced vape, and slightly more airflow options. Overall, I’m pretty impressed.

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