Let’s Mix: Mountain Rose Apple (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

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The Mystical Mountain Rose

In the video above, I try my hand at mixing up a fruit I had not too long ago. The fruit, the Mountain Rose Apple, is a cross between a Red, Green, and Yellow apple, that creates a stunning aesthetically pleasing apple, with excellent flavor and sweetness. The apple, which is yellow and green on the outside, has a bright ruby pink inside, that really catches the eye. More for looks, it still packs somewhat of a unique punch. So I wanted to make a recipe around this fruit.

The Recipe

Mountain Rose Apple


MIX AT: 60VG // 40PG STEEP: 3 Days This is a recipe based around the Mountain Rose Apple, with some extra sweetness and candy infused. It's a great apple layer too, so pair with cinnamon, bakeries, or other fruits.


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%CAP Sweet Guava     2%FW Starburst Type     0.5%FA Apple Fuji     1%PUR Country Apple     5%

Total Flavor: 9%

Flavor Notes:

FA Fuji: FA Fuji is not the main apple note. This is here to add that specific level of brightness to the mix. FA Fuji is unrivaled when it comes to apple top notes, so it’s only fair to use it in our recipe. While, in my opinion, it lacks a long sticky finish, something we need for this recipe, it makes up for in its presence and vibrance. All we need to do is work out that backend and we’ll be close.

PUR Country Apple: This is the entire body of the recipe. Because it tackles that yellow apple flavor, it’s not too punchy, sharp, or floral, something Fuji can be. This is more of the type of sweetness we’re looking for to help fill in the gaps left behind the Fuji. At 5%, we’re adding a lot of that sticky apple flavor that will define the rest of the recipe.

CAP Sweet Guava: Now we could opt for a good red apple flavoring here. Using INW Two Apples added too much of a green apple flavor. And CAP Double Apple just wasn’t bright enough to stand against Country and Fuji. So I sprung for the extreme juiciness and sweetness of Sweet Guava, to add that specific level of finish in the Mountain Rose. It’s a bit forward at first, and it needs a day or two. But once it settles, it creates a very vibrant, pink apple.

FW Star Candy: The defining accent of the Mountain Rose is the sharpness. It’s quite tart, but not nearly as sour as a green apple. For this, I couldn’t use something like lemon, lime, or lemon lime. They added too much sharpness, and too much flavor. I went with FW Star Candy, because it added that sharp, tart punch, without being distracting since its a thinner flavoring. Keep it low though, or else it bumps up the CAP Sweet Guava a bit too much.


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