NOUGAT [ Noted: Ep. 71 ]

Flavor Names  Notes  Time 
INW Nougat  Woody pine note, sweet and dark and rich, thick and gooey and full of flavor with that honey sweetness. But it has a few off notes like chocolate and rubbery and woody  1  5 
FA Torrone  Accurate to an Italian nougat that uses lemon zest as its clearly in there. Its sweet but bright, its nutty. A little thin, but enough body to be the sugary rich texture that it should have. It has almond and slight pistachio notes as well  .5-1  14 
SA Nougatine v2  Cross between meringue and almond brittle. Candy sweet, with a caramel brown sugar sweetness. Vaguely nutty. Slight peanut vibe and a touch of honey and even lighter tough of vanilla. Off the shake a touch of nail polish but it steeps out after 4 days  4  44 
SA Vanilla Custard Nougatine  More similar to a crème Brule flavor, strong vanilla, strong dairy, solid amount of edginess with a very sweet finish. A lot of caramelized sugar note. Tiny off note of sourness   4  46 
German Flavors Nougat  Tastes like honey caramel sauce with hazelnuts in it. Gooey sweet, slight “nut skin” off note   2.5  49 
Euro Flavors Nougat  Equal parts honey and moldy sawdust  3  52 

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