Butterscotch ? [ Noted: Ep. 70 ]

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Butterscotch Very dark, weird plastic off note observed with it. It is thick and creamy 2-3 12 
TFA Butterscotch DX Creamy, not a lot of flavor to it. Slight plastic note attributed to it 3 15 
FA Butterscotch Not accurate, but very dark, caramelly brown sugar sweetness. Great texture and mouthfeel 1-3 18 
FW Butterscotch Ripple Rich and smooth, creamy. Really good front forward butterscotch flavor. Unmistakable butterscotch 3 21 
FW Butterscotch Rich, butterscotch forward, more top heavy. Sharp edges on it,  24 
FW Natural Butterscotch Sweeter and creamier without being buttery. The finish is less overly candied. There is a dash of vanilla. No diketones in this one. 3 29 
WF Butterscotch Cream Pie Lighter and rich and full. Like a heavy whipped cream infused with butterscotch. Silky smooth, very sweet without being fake  32 
FLV Butterscotch Dark brown sugar note, not a good solo butterscotch b/c it is to thin, but as an accent its wonderful. Pairs really well with FW Butterscotch Ripple 1-2 34 
FLV Smoked Butterscotch Tastes like wood smoke added to butterscotch,  <2 42 
VT Butterscotch Almost too buttery, very bottom-heavy ingredient, has a lot of butter flavor but not a very good butterscotch. Slightly sour or acrid  48 
HS Butterscotch Caramel floating in movie theater popcorn butter  54 
OOO Butterscotch Candy Extremely buttery, a lot of caramel like sweetness. Slight burned note 3 58 
LA Butterscotch Odd chemical tastes right up front, followed by caramel cotton candy, with butterscotch candy flavor and a smooth buttery finish that lingers 2 59 
RF SC Butterscotch Rich & creamy at first, gradually tapers off into nothingness 3.5 62 
DL Butterscotch Delightfully mediocre, tastes like a bitter butterscotch, more like a sauce, not buttery, missing depth. No off notes or harshness 5 64 

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