Noted: Ep. 69 – Kiwi ft. ConcreteRiver

Mean Green

Flavor Name  Notes  Time 
FW Kiwi  More of a candy take on kiwi. Not realistic, nice, bright, sweet, tart, easy to use and forgiving. Blends well with all flavors  3-15  05 
FA Kiwi  More realistic, tastes like a very green strawberry. Sweet & Tart, rindy and natural. Slightly dry but can be fixed with pairings with melon, pineapple, or cactus  3-4  09 
TFA Kiwi (Double)  More tart, middle of the road authentic kiwi, has some issues (needs a steep and can be “grassy”).  2-3  22 
VT Kiwi  Natural kiwi, serviceable, there is a floral muskiness at the end (“Armpit Flowers”)  3-5  28 
OOO Kiwi Natural  Slight soapy note, tangy and identifiably kiwi on the top, and the finish is soapy  3-5  31 
CAP Kiwi  Tastes like Bartlet pair skins, def a green flavor, really heavy on the pear skin, very sweet, dry,  2-3  34 
FLV Kiwi  Extremely strong, aggressively tart, super throat hit, not a kiwi,  <0.5  36 
DL Kiwi   Pretty juicy, little throat hit, slightly tart, sweet, solid body  5  41 
DV Kiwi  Amped up version of fw with more of an apple to the finish  5-15  44 
FW Strawberry Kiwi  Mediocre candy strawberry on top, very similar to fw kiwi. You could easily make your own by building your own strawberry/kiwi    46 
CAP Kiwi Strawberry w/ Stevia  Similar to CAP Kiwi with a indistinguishable fruit (melon pear) and a kiwi. Slightly bitter after taste. Very sweet. No strawberry found at all  5  47 
LA Strawberry Kiwi  Not good – cardboard with a slight fruity off note  3  50 
RF SC Strawberry Kiwi Taffy  Lots of texture, really thick, fruit flavor is lacking. Taffy is pretty much spot on, chewy feel. With a hint of vanilla, nice n smooth. Sticky sweet    53 

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