I’m Noticing an Increased Aroma Sensitivity

I’ve been vaping for a while now. The first few weeks of staying off smoking, and strictly vaping, I immediately started to notice my sense of smell was getting much stronger, or more sensitive, whatever the semantics. This led to my tastebuds, and sense of taste, getting stronger as well. I, much like the millions of others who quit smoking with vaping, started to taste things in a way I haven’t in a very long time. Food and drink had vivid and vibrant flavor attributed to them, and I felt so stupid I was missing out on this throughout my years of smoking. Then I started getting into mixing, and this connected me with my nose in a way that I have never before. I’m now more in tune with my palate, and have a connection with my nose that might be stronger than any other sense.

But I wanted to ask the question. Has my nose actually gotten more sensitive? Is this due to the fact I’m using it much more than normal? Is it due to the fact we’re consuming massively concentrated aromas all day, every day? Does it have to do with that mind/nose connection I was talking about? Is it still recovering from my years of smoking? Is it a combination of all those reasons? I also know that I’m not the only one who can notice an olfactory sensitivity increase. On the Facebook group, I asked if anyone else has noticed an increase or decrease in sensitivity, and a majority of you has stated an increase. So it makes me wonder, and I want to dive a bit deeper. I’m going to keep you updated on my findings, as I search around for answers as to why and how this change is occurring. This will hopefully allow us to understand a bit more about our biology and how these chemicals and compounds affect it. And my goal is for us to gain that extra bit of connectivity between our brains and our noses.


  1. Since I started vaping over 5 maybe 6 years now I now have a super sense of smell,Actually I brought this up recently to someone.Weird your posting it,Seems I can smell things other people can’t.

  2. I’m experiencing the same thing. I can not stand some perfumes that I used to not mind my coworkers wearing. There are certain places and people I avoid to keep from getting a headache from the scent overload.

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