CREAMS ft. RinVapes ? [ Noted: Ep. 68 ]

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Creme De La Creme

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Sweet Cream Under rated and under used, keep it low (.5 – 1%) perfect flavor for when you want a milky creamy flavor. Its used best for an accent not a main note <1 – 2 5 
TFA Sweet Cream Deluxe Tastes like baby formula throw up  10 
CAP Sweet Cream You can go a little higher, gets more cheesy as you go higher, its buttery, sweet. Its very plain, and it has a heavy note to it. Known to get waxy above 4% <4 11 
FW Sweet Cream Has a sour note, much sweeter, has a strong chemical note in the finish  15 
FLV Sweet Cream Not a lot of problems, however it has a waxy or plastic like edge to it, and not as smooth as some of the regular creams at around 2%. Thinner, more dairy tang, with a fruity sweetnesss  16 
DL Sweet Cream Fairly neutral, has some thickness to it 5 22 
RF SC Sweet Cream Apple scented cardboard bits whipped into a cream, mild dairy cream at the top and the middle is dry cardboard with raw vg sweetness to finish it off 3 25 
VT Sweet Cream Tastes like the inside of a hostess cupcake, rich, good vanilla note, greasy vanilla note, smooth and velvety. The sweetest of all the sweet creams 2 27 
FLV Cream Velvet, smooth, heavy and voluminous, not buttery or custard like, mild dairy taste. Coats your mouth,  1-2 30 
LB Cream More like a whipped cream, top end of the flavor is very thin, the bottom is really thick. Creamy just a touch buttery. No strong dairy or vanilla  6 33 
OOO Milky Undertones Has a fruity type sweetness, very neutral dairy cream, thin and bright fruity sweetness. Good milk 1.5 35 
OOO Cream Boutique Really pleasant lemon whipped cream, a mild dairy cream. Very airy like whipped cream but still coats your mouth 2 40 
HS Cream Extra extra heavy cream, thick dairy cream, slight cheesiness 1  
FA Fresh Cream Light milky note, tastes thick but feels thin, very dairy heavy, not good for a main note but better for a milk accent  45 
RF SC Cream Mouthfeel is off.   47 
LB Fresh Cream Bright tangy sweetness to it. (ITS PINK) thick and buttery, rich and a slight coconut note at 7% 7 49 
JF Fresh Cream Sweet and thick, full, top note is dry and throat scratchy. Good bit of vanilla on the base 2 53 


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