Noted: Ep. 67 – Euro Creams ft. MaxSavage

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Euro Trip

Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Bavarian Cream Dark, touch of caramel, mouth feel. Can get a bit maple-fused if taken to high. Great depth and thickness. Loaded with maltol and ethyl maltol so it can mute other flavors easily  3 
TFA DX Bavarian Cream Thin, flavor is off, has an odd spice note to it. Its dry. underwhelming 3 8 
CAP Bavarian Cream Darker, an indistinct spice perhaps vanilla bean note, there is a nut note that comes in at around 4% 3-4 10 
JF Bavarian Cream Pronounced and bright vanilla. No caramel note, thin for a custard, nice and sweet. Great taste, doesn’t live up to the hype however  13 
DL Bavarian Cream Thin, mediocre, creamy, lighter good flavor 5 14 
FA Bavarian Cream No “Dap”, thin, sweet, dairy whipped cream flavor, spicy vanilla and a little bit dry. No egginess or butter notes, more like a whipped cream with vanilla bean.  17 
FW Bavarian Cream Much lighter, very rich and sweet, good flavor. Very authentic to actual Bavarian cream. Slight dark sweetness comes in around 4% 3-4 18 
RF SC Bavarian Cream Like melted vanilla frozen yogurt. Slightly sour dairy note. Smooth mouthfeel. Top notes are full flavor, finishes slightly cardboard like. 3 20 
FA Vienna Cream Major steeper. From 4days to an entire week. Very sweet, light dairy cream with a bright vanilla. There is a crispness to it and its very smooth and clean tasting  21 
LB Vienna Cream Whipped, sweet, dairy cream, there is a cinnamon like dry quality to it. Heavy on the finish but a lot lighter like a whipped cream  6 24 
HS Italian Cream Tastes a lot like cream cheese, very thick, very rich and tangy. Perfect to add a rich tangy feel to a cheesecake. Very smooth great for yogurts, cheesecakes, and pastries <1 26 
FA Catalan Cream Unique spiciness, citrus note, and vanilla note. Hard to work with 3 29 
LA Irish Cream *NOT SAFE TO VAPE* **NOT WATER SOLUABLE** tastes terrible regardless  36 
FA Irish Cream Slight roasty or coco note to it, caramel, no booze note, harsh and dry. Could be used as an accent more than a single flavor note 1 38 
FLV Irish Cream As much a coffee flavor as anything else, tastes good. Very concentrated, thick & smooth. Very creamy. A dark roast coffee without the off notes of a bad coffee flavor <1 42 
VT Irish Cream Has a bite, more of a booze note, sweet, a lot of coffee notes, thin, medium thick sweet cream, there is a whiskey on top, prominent warm vanilla, clearly identifiable chocolate, and super sweet. Fairly accurate 5 45 
CAP Irish Cream Nice and boozy, good flavor, slight wax note, bright vanilla almost a distracting amount of vanilla for an Irish Cream 3 47 
TFA Irish Cream “bottom shelf high octane Irish Cream” bit of a kick to the throat, heavy dairy cream with some sweet vanilla, no coffee, chocolate, or caramel notes. @ 3% a slight coconut note comes through 2-3 50 
HS Irish Cream Tastes like spreading butter on a piece of very old white chocolate. Thick heavy, buttery cream, not smooth at all. Tastes more like buttery white chocolate than Irish Cream 1-2 53 
VT Devon Cream Interesting (bad) tastes like a dark chocolate milkshake with a lemon wedge in it.  55 
CW Devon Cream 

(CupCake World) 

Sour cream with butter, super thick heavily buttery. Dark sweetness, almost too rich. Not overwhelmingly sweet. Buttery smooth 5-7 58 
DV Creme on Glaze Greasy vanilla note, thick & rich. Almost custard-like. Palate coating quality 3-5 60 
WF Hollandaise Cream Rich, bright vanilla, smooth and slight tangy note  64 




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