Using My Label Maker to Create Barcodes

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So, I always try and find ways to infuse technology into my mixing, in order to make my life easier. When you mix every single day, and have dozens of recipes to keep track of, organization is key. Well, one thing I always wanted, was a way to quickly fire up a recipe page from an e-liquid on the shelf. Normally, you’d just look at the name on the label, head to your recipe site, search the recipe, click, then finally, you’re there. But what if you could essentially just see your recipe in just one step? This is how I did that with the label maker I already own.

Step 1: Make sure you put a normal label on the bottle detailing the recipe name and the date it was mixed.

Step 2: Then find the recipe page URL, from the recipe site you used. In the video, it was from

Step 3: If you have limited space on your bottle, like I did above, use a URL shortener to create the smallest barcode possible. This is the URL shortener I used in the video. 

Step 4: Input the shortened URL into your CODE128 Barcode generator in your label maker.

NOTE: If your label maker can make QR codes, use that, it’s the best way to do this.

Step 5: Print the Barcode – This is the label maker I use

Step 6: Place Barcode on the bottle, and you’re done!

Now when you want to view the recipe that’s in the bottle, all you need to do is scan the label with your phone, and boom, it fires up the webpage ready for you to mix up. I use the app Scandit for iOS, but any that can read your specific barcode should work.



  1. Hi Wayne, nice idea! I have a suggestion: Instead converting an URL to CODE128, you could print the shortened URL as it is and use a URL scanner. This will do the same job, but using a much smaller label.

    • I should not be at this stage in releasing my own mixes, but i have already spoken to companies that are going to do my labels and they are expensive, i have looked at some really good alternatives, i your idea is good or storage but in a real world example, the labeling is a big part of selling your

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