Noted: Ep. 64 – LEMONADE ?


Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
TFA Lemonade Cookie   Very understated and doughy cookie flavor, more like a starchy cream with a slight toasted note. The lemonade flavor falls off very fast. Not sweet  3  9 
DL Tea & Lemonade  Slightly harsh, faint lemonade, barely sweetening the tea, more like an earthy sweetness  5  15 
RF SC Blueberry Lemonade Slushie  Top heavy and thin, must steep 5days, tastes like slushie, is missing the cooling element, an artificial lemonade, has a blueberry airfreshner room note  3.5  18 
FW Strawberry Lemonade  Strawberry is pretty light, stronger lemonade, not super sweet, tastes like country time strawberry lemonade, not very authentic, more on the artificial side  5  22 
TFA Strawberry Lemonade  Sweetness of the strawberry carries it through, the strawberry and lemonade are separated a bit which helps carry the two flavors better. The lemon note is a slightly pledge one  5  29 
RF Strawberry Lemonade  Weak on the strawberry note, the lemon is very subtle more like a lemon cream, no bad off notes, just on the weaker side  3  33 
OOO Pink Lemonade  Yellow mouthwash, smells like straight alcohol    36 
CAP Pink Lemonade  Floral like a raspberry flower inside a lemonade  4  39 
LB Pink Lemonade  Candied pink note, slightly tart, doesn’t fade too badly, the flavor is really good, really aggressively artificial and its perfect  6-8  40 
FW Pink Lemonade  Not good, more like sweet candy lemon windex  4-5   
VT Lemonade  Supposed to be like a sprite flavor, the main issue is its lacking lime, mostly like carbonated lemonade like it is supposed to be. Sweet, and yet sharp and acidic  1-2  47 
VT Lemonade Clear  Still bright and tangy after 6-7 days steep. Bright, tart, realistic lemonade, not fizzy, has a lemonade sticky texture    50 
RF SC Lemonade  Dry, not refreshing and wet. Lemon desert not to be confused with lemon dessert.   3-3.5  53 
HS Lemonade  Tastes more like fruit loops than lemonade  3-4  54 
WF Summertime Lemonade  Sweet, candied, artificial, slight vinegar sour note on the backend  3-4  57 
WF Lemonade  Not as sweet, artificial,   3-4  58 
OOO Lemonade  Its like country time lemonade, a little tart, tastes like lemonade from a powdered drink mix  3  64 
FLV Lemonade  Great lemonade, mellow, sweet, tastes more like a lemon sucker than lemonade. Very sweet has a tartness to it, very dense and full unlike a lemonade and it fades over time (bummer)  3 

(6% in a pod) 

FW Lemonade (natural) 


More of a tart lemonade, such a good lemonade  4-5  75 
LA Lemonade  Lemon heads, watered down lemon heads in water, not for a lemonade with a lot of work and other lemons  4-5  75 

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