Noted: Ep. 63 – Sugar Cookies and Biscuits (DIY Flavoring Review)


Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
Pur Nilla Wafers and Milk  Dark, good, to dark to be the main note, moderately sweet with a light cookie texture, missing a “snap” or “crunch”. It is grainy and creamy  4  5 
Pur Cookie  Has a caramel note to it, similar flavor to fa cookie  .5-1  8 
JF Cookie  Slight hint of caramel or maple, softer, sweeter, very forgiving  2  9 
FA Cookie  Good when it’s not the main note, great accent note. Does the burnt edges well  2  10 
CAP Sugar Cookie  Versatile, delicious, feels and tastes like a sugar cookie, *flavoring will fade*. Ultimate bakery cheat code  <8  16 
CAP Sugar Cookie v2  Barfy      
VT Cookies n Cream  A sugar cookie with some dairy notes, light fluffy sugar cookie vibe, some creaminess, not very crisp or grainy. The flavor is really good, buttery and vanilla  5  25 
CAP SilverLine Crunchy Frosty Cookie  Not crunchy, tastes like commercial frosting, might work as a funfetti cake base as its so soft  8  26 
CAP Siverline Biscuit  Mostly coconut with a biscuit buried underneath, full bodied and thick, lots of flavor,    29 
INW Biscuit  Very strong, full bodied, dark, very strong, sticks out in a mix, sharp nuttiness,  .75  33 
JF Biscuit  Lighter, blonder, biscuit    34 
VT Biscuit Base  Plastic note no butter or spice. Like a multi-grain biscuit without taking the plastic off.  2   
FLV Biscotti  Cookie crumbs in the bottom of the coffee  .25-.75  40 
WF Shortbread Cookie  Buttery toasted, mcdonald’s cookies    42 
WF Almond Cookie  Sweet, immediate almond, not much on the cookie note. Doesn’t change as it steeps    43 
RF Shortbread Cookie  Top heavy, straight vg finish. Will not work as a sf. Topnote is a good shortbread cookie    45 
RF Sugar Cookie  Vapes thin, top heavy, skinned powder sugar donut    47 
FLV Cookie  No crunch, no snap, cookie dough. Slight maple note at 3%  1   
FW Sugar Cookie  Not sweet, slight barfiness, fluffy no texture     
FW Cookie Butter  Ruins coils and cotton in matter of minutes. Too bad because in the beginning it is delicious    57 
DL Cookie  Delightfully mediocre, compared to CAP Sugar Cookie, not quite as dry, smooth tastes like its frosted, sweet, fairly decent vanilla note. Well balanced, good mouthfeel    62 
RF Frosted Animal Cookie  Real good flavor right on top, tastes just like a frosted animal cracker, raw vg finish and no crunch or texture    65 
FLV SunCookie  Lemon zest, and a raw nut. Like two separate flavors in one bottle. Not mixed well    67 
TFA Oatmeal Cookie  Splash a vanilla, dried cardboard    70 
WF Oats & Cream  Dark, no oatmeal, sweet brown sugary bakery. Behind a lot of thick cream.  2.5  71 
RF Peanut Butter Cookie  Bottom half is raw cookie dough with hint of vanilla, and top half is raw peanut    74 


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  1. What’s the best sub for CAP’s Sugar Cookie V1? It doesn’t sit right with my tastebuds. I can easily pick it out in a mix and it spoils it for me, tastes bitter/off. Couple others have had similar experiences. Please share your favourite subs for this! Thanks!

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