New One-Shots Available in UK!


After a long wait, my UK supporters finally have received 3 new One-Shot recipes available now over at Two of these recipes are slightly different takes than their US counterparts, which you can read about below, and one is the much demanded Water-Malone. I hope you all enjoy them, and feel free to send me any feedback you may have on them!


A fresh Watermelon recipe, perfected. All too often, watermelon flavors reek of chemical off-notes and strong fragrance, trying to tackle the watermelon candy profile. But WaterMalone separates itself by emulating a true, fresh, watermelon. Like biting in the pulp, with its sweet yet subtle juices dribbling down, it’s a flavor that’s impressed so many. Pick it up!

Elizabeth’s Custard:

Kings Custard in the US aims to tackle the traditional custard mix, while adding a bit of butterscotch and other accents to complete its flavor. With Elizabeth’s Custard, I wanted to focus on more on the UK audience, by just creating a straight up Vanilla Egg Custard, rich, dense, warm, and full of flavor. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about it, as its now the ONLY custard I vape.

Dragon Mousseux:

This Dragonfruit Champagne recipe is energetic, bright, bubbly, and best of all refreshing. I took the champagne base from Sang Petillant out in the states, and infused it here with a dragonfruit top note, to create a brand new champagne recipe that still keeps its opulence. One of my favorite recipes I’ve developed this year.


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