What Grimmgreen Reviewing Quik REALLY Means to Me…



In the video above I give my true thoughts on Grimmgreen’s recent review of my One-Shot QUIK, which is under the Tastemakers line with LiquidBarn. It’s awesome having someone of Nick’s caliber not just taking time to review the product, but truly enjoy it, recommend it to his audience, as well as take the time to actually use the product as intended, which I wouldn’t expect many to do. So for that, I’m extremely grateful. But I’m also extremely hopeful for the DIY scene, thanks to Nick. Him showcasing these products, showcasing how easy it is to use, how cheap it is, but in conjunction with the quality of the product, will show so many that DIY isn’t just “bathtub juice”.

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QUIK, WaterMalone, Kings Custard, & Sang Petillant (US)


Chef’s Flavours (UK)

Chef’s Profit Shots (UK Short Fills)


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