Noted: Ep. 62 – Ube / Yam / Taro (ft. Fresh03, Leilani, and Slasha)


Flavor Name  Notes  %  Time 
RF SC Sweet Potato Pie  Very weak, chalky, powdery paper.  2.5  07 
SilverCloud Estates Sweet Potato Pie  Natural, cooked, soft, nutty, but not a sweet potato flavor, strong musky note do not go over 6%  2-4  11 
Amaretti Sweet Potato  Starchy, closer to a taro than a sweet potato, grainy rooty taro dominant flavor  5  14 
OOO Sweet Potato  Sweet potato is more of like a pumpkin flavor, natural cooked, honey like sweetness, hint of taro,   6  18 
FE Taro  Very starchy, almost savory taro, doesn’t connect all the dots for a taro flavor, closer to a yam flavor, off notes and weirdness throughout  2  27 
HC Taro  Amazing taro, buttery, dairy, earthy taste, really well done skin, legit starchiness    32 
TFA Taro  No starchiness, over spiced taro, hint of nutty taro hanging around in the back, a lot more earthy grittiness to it  2-3  34 
Get Suckered – Taro  Very similar to TPA Taro, but is brighter, doesn’t have an overly butteriness, good thick body, heavy mouthfeel. Very cooked taro and not raw  7  38 
Duomei Yam  Green yam, straight forward, raw, fairly authentic, good starchiness, strange fruit off note  .1-1  42 
Duomei Oobay Yam  Very bold, smooth, slightly chalky n dry, lightly roasted oobay yam, cooked with mild taro notes  .1  45 
HC Yam  Candied yam, sweet, brown sugar, hint of cream, strong yam type flavor, starchy,  2 -3(solo) 

1 (mix) 

FLV Yam  Works really well with other flavors, straight forward yam  1  49 
TFA Yam  Hint of coconut, in the skin of the yam, has a play doh starchy note to it, nutty bitterness  10  54 
Duomei Purple Yam  Raw natural green potato  .2  61 
HC Purple Potato  Not that great, very dirty and grainy, raw  2  60 
SterlingCloud Oobay Yam  Weak, slightly sweet, hint of vanilla, fluffy, there is a natural cooked soft, nutty taro not a oobay, coconut, full bodied  3  58 
WF Piccarones  Pumpkin, yeasty donut with a syrup flavor over it. With a hint of taro, no skins, no starch, strong coco or chocolate note in the back  3  62 
FA Boiled Potato  No taro notes, not yam notes, authentic natural boiled cooked potato flavor  .5-1 (mix) 


FA Fried Potato  Not a clean fried oil, its dirtier, deep and dark oil, mixed with a moderately cooked potato. It feels slick  2(solo)  70 
DIYFS Kulolo  Burnt brown sugar note, sun tan lotion note, no taro note in it, nice full flavor, musky honey note  9  72 

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