Adding “Mixer Tools” Section!

Why haven’t I thought of this earlier!? Basically, this is a quick post just letting you all know that I will be adding a “Mixer Tools” section on the website, just for Mixer Members. This will be a section of the website strictly meant for content like the “Best Of” lists I will be putting up soon, along with articles such as “The Creamy Spectrum” which is a reference for creamy flavorings, and many more useful pieces of content that you can refer back to when you need them. Want to know the best hotplate mixer to purchase for DIY e-liquid mixers? Well, it’ll be in the “Mixer Tools” section. Want a list of the Best FlavourArt flavorings to make your next flavoring purchase easier? Mixer Tools!

I will keep you updated more on the new section, right here in the Blog section. Make sure you check my latest blog entries to stay updated on more out of DIYorDIE, as I will also be using this section much more often now. And if you need to pick up a DIYorDIE Membership to access the Mixer Tools, click here. It’s extremely cheap and allows me to spend the massive amount of time it takes to put all these resources together, as well as keep the site up and running.


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