Let’s Mix: Kings Custard (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

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The King

In the video above, I teach you how to make my latest one-shot Kings Custard that I have released with Liquid Barn on the Tastemakers Line. Below is the recipe that you can use to input into your e-liquid calculator to mix scratch.

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CAPFrench Vanilla1%
TFAVanilla Custard1%
CAPNY Cheesecake4%
FWTres Leches1%
FWButterscotch Ripple3%
FWCaramel Candy1%
Ethyl Maltol0.5 – 1%
STEEPLong2 Weeks

Flavor Notes

TFA Vanilla Custard: This is the custard flavoring in the recipe. I don’t use much, only at 1%, because I find that TFA Vanilla Custard has somewhat a light artificial note, but a deliciously rich butter and egg note that I want to take advantage of. Also, when combined with the rest of the ingredients, like CAP Cheesecake, it lends its flavors quite well.

CAP French Vanilla V1: This is the flavoring I use to take advantage of the vanilla note. In CAP’s French Vanilla, the vanilla is a bit nuttier, a bit darker, more spice like, but most importantly, it sits above everything in the mix. If I’m adding heavy creams and caramels, I need a vanilla that can stand up to this stuff. This flavoring, at 1% does the job. You can also use V2 if you’d like, which works just as well, just a bit different of a flavor.

CAP NY Cheesecake: This ingredient is the entire foundation of the recipe. It’s the dairy, and it lends itself to the silky, velvety mouthfeel you get when you vape Kings. I recommend everyone try using this flavoring in their custards, because it fills in all those little nooks so well, and creates such a delectable mouthfeel, that keeps you coming back for me. I use it here at 4%, because I want a very rich, very thick flavor.

FW Butterscotch Ripple / FW Caramel Candy: In this recipe, I wanted to accent with Butterscotch and Caramel. I love how these flavors play with vanilla and dairy, so I decided to opt for my favorite butterscotch, FW Butterscotch Ripple. Here the flavoring, bridges the gap between the rich vanilla, the buttery egg, and the heavier creams. The Caramel Candy helps enhance the butterscotch, as well as color the top note with a bit more of a brown sugar-like sweetness.

FW Tres Leches: In this recipe, there’s one secret weapon, and it’s the Tres Leches. I use it to add that interesting malty-like bakery note, that sits on the end of the vape, adding to the depth of the flavor. It doesn’t do to much, but without it, the recipe is bland and boring. It’s just enough nuance to give the recipe a unique quality.

Ethyl Maltol: This is to sweeten the recipe. Do not use Sucralose. Ethyl Maltol does a perfect job on its own.


  1. TPA Caramel Candy as a sub? Obviously it’s not gonna be the same recipe… Or why did you choose FW over TPA? I think that would help others out and avoid this question over an over again… Thanks.

  2. Kyle TPA Caramel candy is different than FW Caramel candy Even though They are both called caramel candy.Fw has a more robust caramel flavor and smell and TPA is more brighter and lighter,Just smelling the two side by side will tell you that.

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! I had to sub with TFA Caramel Candy but it is great after a week steep. Thanks for the banger Wayne!

  4. Dude, this is the Custards to end all Custards. .
    It was so good after a week, I banged my old lady twice a day

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