Noted: Ep. 60 – Hunny Honey (DIY E-liquid Flavoring Review)

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Flavor Name Notes % Time 
TFA Honey Super strong, rotten and not worth buying at any %   
TFA Black Honey A tobacco flavor, earthy, dark, like ry4 double with honey instead of caramel. Slight licorice note can be sensed 2-3 8 
TFA Honey Circles Cereal Sweet, not a whole lot of honey, really strong, dry not sweet cereal, smoother at lower %s (.5)  .5 11 
OOO Baked Honey Oats Ok, little dark, not one of their greater flavors, tastes like a sharp molasses, tastes like old butter, full mouthful flavor and finishes very smooth  13 
OOO Honeypuffs Light, warm, honeycomb texture, decent cereal texture, not as AP heavy as most cereal 3 15 
OOO Honey Dark raw honey, really warm, a little floral at first, then raw vg sweetness, mouthfeel is soapy with a bad room note .5 17 
OOO Honey II Grandma’s perfume candy, sweet, candy, floral lilac flavored candy .5 18 
OOO Real Honey Black as midnight and thick, no floral notes, but a large burned plastic note .5 19 
CAP Honey Can taste the ammonia, cat pee and wilted flowers .5 24 
FA Honey Really strong, a bully in a mix, a decent honey flavor, bright earth .25 26 
FLV Honeybee Super floral, nice and sweet, after a few days of steeping the floral note dies down a bit .25-.5 28 
LA Honey Similar to FA honey but a little bit darker and a little bit less floral. Not super dark   30 
VT Sweet Honey Very light and bright, fruity type sweetness to it. Powdery and floral and sweet a bit dry 1-2 33 
VT Honeycomb A toffee, good, not a honey, creamy                                                                                                                                                   4-5 34 
FLV Milk & Honey Dark and sweet, tastes and smells like dulce de leche. Versatile   41 
FLV Smooth Vanilla Over .5% gets very floral and honey, great use for pod systems at around 1% (Flv spearmint 1% and Flv Smooth Vanilla 1% tastes like double mint gum)  46 
FW Honey Tastes like a candy necklace, or nerds, bright and sweet and chalky   47 
DL Honey Wonderfully mediocre, a sticky quality to it, without being thick  5 52 
FR Honey cake Stale angel food cake, crunchy   




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