Everything You Need to Know About VG & PG ⚗️ [ #quicktips ]

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In the video above, I break down all there is to know about VG & PG, including how to tell the best quality, where the best VG & PG is, how to properly store it, as well as the best VG & PG ratios for flavor and vape experience. It’s a quick video so make sure to check it out to ensure you’re getting the absolute most out of your recipes! You can also read below, where there will be links to recommended VG & PG as well as coupons for 15% off!

Quality Matters

The quality of your VG and PG does matter. Low quality VG & PG will not only mute your recipes, but can also introduce a weird off-note into your flavor profiles, driving you crazy. High quality base is essentially invisible. You don’t want to taste it at all. It’s just a carrier for your flavors that you develop. Don’t grab any ol’ base that you find at Rite Aid or any other pharmacy without making sure it meets the standards I list below.

  • Make sure it’s USP Food Grade
  • > 99.7%
  • No extra “Water” or other ingredients added
  • If none of that information is present, do not purchase. You’ll waste your money

I personally find that LiquidBarn.com offers the best quality VG & PG, which is bottled the best for DIYer’s, at a great price.


Storage Matters

Storing your VG and PG properly is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your base ingredients. For one, any bottle your VG & PG is in, should be opaque. Any sort of light can and will degrade the quality of your base. Plastic is fine if you mix a lot. You will run through your base faster than any issues can arise.

But if you’re storing long term, make sure you’re using glass amber bottles, with poly-caps, and it’s even better if you can suck the oxygen out of the bottle upon sealing. Look on Amazon for “Wine Sealing” or bottle sealing options that suck the oxygen out.

Lastly, you’ll want to leave your VG and PG in a cool, dry, and dark place. Don’t put in the fridge or freezer for long term, as it can introduce condensation when taken out. A bit cooler than room temp is best. And that should do you well!

The Best Ratio

VG / PG ratios really depend on personal preference. As for myself, I mix at 60 VG 40 PG, as well as 50 / 50. This gives me the best balance between voluminous clouds and flavor saturation. High VG (80/20 and up to 100% VG) is great for those who like fat clouds, but expect your recipes to be a bit “softer” with a slight muting effect happening. Sometimes I’ll go to 70VG/30PG when I want to intentionally “soften” my recipes, as they may be too sharp or it can help the profile, like a Marshmallow for example.

Check out this link for more on VG / PG ratios

But that’s all there really is to know about VG and PG. It’s the “blood” of the e-liquid. So you want to make sure your blood is healthy, and clean, in order for the rest of the body to function correctly. So don’t cheap out too much on VG/PG. Purchase the good stuff, it’s cheap enough already. This way you’re getting the absolute most out of your DIY E-liquid Recipes, and not scratching your head wondering why all your recipes taste like a muddled, sweaty, mess.

Make sure to leave and questions, comments, or concerns down below. Also, feel free to share with any friends who are getting into mixing by using the social sharing links below. 

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