Should You Mix Big Batches?; Shyndo Shots

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Shyndo Shots

In the video above, I go through a review of a few of Shyndo’s new One-shot line. Recipes include Mint Chocolate Cookies and Cream, Karl’s Custard, and his new Sweet Corn Puddin’. The line can be found over at

Flavors Good to Vape Fresh?

In the second half of the video I address a few questions from viewer Patrick, who wants to know if there are any flavorings that would be best vaped fresh, as opposed to being steeped. As well as if its best to mix large batches, or to just mix small 30-60ml bottles at a time. Make sure to watch the video for my opinions on the matter. Also feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below in the comment section.


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