The Best Bavarian Cream ? [ #FlavorTalk ]

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Bav Cream

In the video above, I look at four of the most popular and useful Bavarian creams on the market and try to decide which out of them is the best. Long story short, JF seems to pack the best flavor, and maybe the most usefulness out of the bunch, but TFA is not far behind. Below are my written notes on the flavorings.

CAP Bavarian Cream

This to me, was easily the weakest option. It just didn’t quite pack the amount of flavor, saturation, and richness that I was looking for. Lacking in all those areas. While it was smooth, smooth might not be the right word. Maybe just more “light” than anything else. If you need a touch of bright vanilla spice, this can help you out. Otherwise, the other options will be much better.


  • Nice Vanilla Note
  • Soft


  • Too Weak
  • Not enough richness
  • Too soft / light on mouthfeel
  • Could easily get lost in a recipe

FW Bavarian Cream

This option was better. Immediately, you notice there was more flavor saturation which puts it already ahead of CAP’s option. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit weak in the grand scheme of the flavors. The clear difference between this one and the others is its sweetness. It seems like there’s just a sweeter vanilla infused in this option. Where the rest of the ingredient feels similar to CAP’s.


  • Nice Sweetness
  • More Flavor than CAP
  • Soft


  • Still too light on Flavor
  • Light on Mouthfeel
  • No egg
  • No Richness

TFA Bavarian Cream

This is easily the most used Bavarian cream out there. In most fruit and cream recipes, you’ll see this as the cream or the component of the cream, mainly because it’s a great bridge between the rest of the cream and the fruit. This flavoring has a nice vanilla spice that sits on the top.  It can be a bit distracting, but is easily managed. Then its followed by a richer, almost nutty cream. Like the others, there’s not much egg, but unlike the others, there’s much more richness to the other profile.


  • Much more flavor
  • Much more versatile
  • Rich
  • Vanilla has nice spice to it
  • In tons of recipes


  • Not much Egg
  • Light off-notes present

JF Bavarian Cream

Finally, we move to JF Bav Cream. This was, to me, the best one. It basically contains all the notes you want out of a Bavarian cream, along with just a pleasant flavor and vape. The top is a nice bright vanilla that has some nice sweetness to it. Then its followed by a soft, yet rich, dairy profile, that doesn’t contain any off-notes, and does contain a nice egg note. Surprising, but it’s easily the most complete version.


  • Excellent Vanilla Note / Sweetness
  • Only option with Egg note
  • Rich but not overpowering
  • Extremely Versatile


  • Not used in many recipes.

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  1. Wow, gonna have to pick up some JF Bavarian Cream then. Been mostly using TFA but I love to change things up. Thanks Wayne.

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