Noted: Ep. 59 – RY4 (Ruyan 4)

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Sweet Sweet Smoke

Flavor Names Notes % Time 
DFS Holy Holy Grail Not a strong tobacco, luxuriously rich and smooth caramel, good vanilla, sort of a smoky note, notes of coffee, chocolate, brown sugar.  4-8 7 
TFA RY4 Double Wet, musk, not good standalone but works really well with bakery and nut flavors esp. with a steep, small caramel & vanilla note 2-8 13 
JF RY4 A lot nuttier, adds depth, but is harder to hide in a mix than most. More prominent tobacco, kind of toasty tobacco  16 
TFA RY4 Type sweet & floral and woody, no caramel 4 18 
TFA RY4 Asian Super recognizable, slightly spicy, more fragrant, dirty  20 
FA RY4 Needs a steep, even a short one, weaker caramel flavor, a little brown sugar like, finishes very dry. Has a spicy hay like tobacco  25 
FA SOHO Smoked almost burnt bakery caramel. Roasted   27 
HS RY4 Weaker, caramel flavored cotton candy ry4,. Sweeter vanilla, lighter, not very rich or prominent 3-4 29 
FE RY4 Like a sharp raw brown sugar caramel nut tobacco, not sweet or sticky, there is a hint of a darker spicier vanilla, tobacco is roasted nuttiness which makes up most of the body 4 33 
FE RY4 Double Tastes like caramel coffee, heavy on the coffee note, slightly green, ½ coffee and ½ green tea, mostly a sticky sweet caramel 4 34 
Vapers Tech SE RY4  Same as FE RY4   38 
German Flavors RY4 Thin, dry, acrid burnt sugar, slightly sweet and sour, not tobacco, but like ashy hay, slight caramel, and slight nail polish note that seemed like it would only get worse 4 40 
DL RY4 Heavier on the good tobacco note, has a smooth sweetness, mostly caramel, not a whole lot of vanilla  6-8 43 
WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard More of a vanilla than a caramel, could be very useful to build your own ry4, earthy mellow tobacco, rich and smooth vanilla 4-5 50 
INW RY4 More smoky, more vanilla than caramel  56 




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